Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Check it Out:

Everyone should check out the Marvelous Patric website. Freaks N Squeeks, the wildly popular comic, will be reaching it's 300th strip on Saturday. The comic is highly enjoyable, and I'd hope that someday we'd all see it in our daily papers. I don't know that the author has any such aspirations, but the material is generally of the right caliber. I'd recommend flipping through the archive, you'll enjoy it. The link is also now permenantly on the sidebar.


Nate said...

I like how your blog is coming along, getting some links in there and a hit counter. I was planning on writing this same post on my own blog about the upcoming 300th FNS. I think I will anyways.

Kendrick Novak said...

How do you get the counter in. I want a counter.

Matthew B. Novak said...

Just click on where it says "counter" and it'll tell you how to get it. The only problem is you start to care about it too much.