Thursday, February 03, 2005


First, I didn't listen to the State of the Union speech, but I've read a summary and I just pray that Bush's agenda progresses slowly. And that most of the changes he makes are superficial. Yes, I voted for him, but I did so on the premise that all the harm he'd cause would be temporary (whereas I saw Kerry as dangerous in a more permanent way). Limiting medical malpractice, extending certain tax-cuts, and some of his environmental policies are just awful governing. I flat out disagree with all three. I'm also concerned about his approach to social security. I'm not nay-saying yet, but I'm very afraid. So let's just pray that anything he does can be quickly undone when a better candidate comes along.

Secondly, I might keep the title "Thoughtoids" around, and use it for every post that consists of several quick, somehow-incomplete, thoughts. I could develop some of these ideas better, and maybe I will someday, but sometimes just getting them out is the most important thing, and so I'll do that from time to time. It results in posts like this, and if you see the title, you'll know what to expect. So welcome to the inaugural "Thoughtoids."

Finally, I wanted to say congratulations to my friends Rick and Jessica on their engagement. Good to know they'll be together forever.


Nate said...

Matt, I dont see how you can blow off the havok Bush will wreck as "temporary". These concerns you have with his agenda are far reaching, and they have been in the works since his last term. You must have known this was where we were headed with Bush at the helm, and quite frankly, its a frightening collision course. I saw Kerry as a more innocuous candidate less likely to do lasting damage.

Anonymous said...


It is either ironic or hypocritical--depending on your point of view--that you wrote a small novel on the thingness of life, then voted for the man who executed more human beings than any governor in the modern era. Also, there's the war thing. Does the thingness of an Iraqi civilian or a U.S. soldier weigh less than the thingness of a fetus?

Matthew B. Novak said...

It is neither ironic nor hypocritical that I voted for Bush. The war and capital punishment both weighed into my decision (with the war weighing especially heavily). Given that there was not a candidate who perfectly reflected my ideals I was forced to choose between two dissatisfying options. By your logic, anyone who factored the value of life into their decision (no matter how small a role it played) would be forced into the "ironic or hypocritical" dilemma. Vote for Bush and devalue life via capital punishment and war, or vote for Kerry and devalue life via abortion (and likely war too). By your argument, all voters who considered the issue were hypocritical, regardless of who they voted for. And that's just poor reasoning.

Also, although I recognize that pointing out the flaw in your observation will likely not incline you to oblige, I'd appreciate it if you'd identify yourself in the future. I'd rather have the comments than not, but I'd much prefer they be accompanied by a name.