Friday, March 18, 2005


I'm experimenting with putting pictures up on my blog. The thing tells me it worked, but I don't see the image up yet. Anyone know how to help me? Of course, if it does end up working, don't worry about it. Hopefully when I'm done with this post there'll be a picture up.

I've created a blog for my thesis. I don't actually have the thesis up there yet, but it will be soon. I've just got to get it loaded onto my laptop, from my desktop.

So I'm coaching mock trial for my highschool class. Basically, I'm not even teaching the class any more, it just is mock trial, and I "coach" instead of teach. I don't really do anything differently. The odd part is though, coaching seems to require more preparation in some ways than teaching. When coaching I have to respond to what the students are doing instead of assign them things to do. I need to be able to answer their question and guide them.

One of the most interesting things I've discovered about coaching is that the way I was coached is the way I do it now. The context is different, but the idea is the same. When I was growing up, playing baseball and soccer, my coaches (often my dad) normally used the "play everybody evenly/teach the fundamentals" approach. I'm finding that I don't want any member of my mock trial teams to specialize. Even though when they actually perform they'll be doing one small roll, I want them all to learn all the rolls - direct and cross examination, about evidence and objections, about impeachment - the whole process. Plus, they'll all also have to specialize in one of the 6 witnesses. But so far I haven't narrowed down their task at all - they're all working with all 6 witnesses.

When all of us teachers have our class together (It's a class through Georgetown which sends law students to teach in all the DC highschools, and then we all have to have a class about teaching law to highschool students) I can tell that not everyone is taking the same tactic. And sometimes I worry that my kids won't perform well in the competition, because the other classes will be better prepared. And then I realize that I'm thinking too narrowly - because the competition isn't just one week in April, it's life. And because their exposure is so much wider, my students will be better prepared. It's funny because when my coaches taught me the fundamentals of baseball they didn't just teach me to keep my glove on the ground or stay in front of the ball. They also taught me how to approach learning, how to lead, how to teach; they taught me the fundamentals of life.

Off on another tangent, I've got a visitor coming this weekend, into next week. It's Andy Schou, who is the little brother of Joel Schou. Andy, Joel, and I took a trip to London my senior year of college (to visit the ever-beautiful Laura). You've all heard snippets of that trip, and I won't give you any more, except to say that Andy and Joel are two of the most fun guys I've ever met. We had an awesome time, and Her Majesty's Euchre will forever be remembered in the pantheon of great card games.

Also, because Andy is coming, I was forced to buy a new bed. I'd been sleeping on my futon ever since my air mattress, well, since it, um... broke. It didn't pop. Quite the opposite in fact. It had all these grooves shaped into it, to help it keep form and whatever I'm sure. Well, the grooves didn't hold, and so, under constant air pressure, inverted, which ultimately meant they pressed outward and upward. Thus my bed, which used to look like this:
[______ ]

Now looks like this:

No, seriously. It's done that same sort of expansion in width, length, and height. Basically what was once a nice air mattress which fit snuggly in my room has become a gigantic plastic/rubber marshmallow which takes up about a third of the entire cubed area of my room.

So I bought a new one, to last the rest of the year I hope. And Andy can have the futon.

And, finally, sometimes I'm gonna throw some song lyrics at the end of my posts. My friend Zhubin does it. He's got some nifty html thing that helps him do it, but I'm just gonna put it in by hand because I couldn't figure out how to make it work. Anyways, it'll be little relevant song quotes or whatever I'm listening to at the time, or stuff like that. And, on that note:

I found my mind in a brown paper bag


joel said...

Wow, I've been called "nice" and "smart" and "cool" before, but never, ever, ever have I been called "...of the most fun." I'm equal parts shocked and touched. Thanks, Matt.

...and now I'm gagging. Most. Wussy. Comment. Ever. That said, I have GOT to dig up that little video clip of the Cleveland moving sidewalk...

dyk said...

Stop. Copying. Stylistically.

Shame on you.


Matthew B. Novak said...

Are you talking about Joel? Because he's real unoriginal like that. (Sorry Joel, now that I complimented you and you got all mushy I feel the need to balance it out with insults). Also, did you find that video clip? Any way to get it online and put a link up to it?

joel said...

I can't help it, Dykhoff. The STYLE IS INFECTIOUS. Hehe. Besides, isn't that more of the Comic Book Guy style than Dooce?

Matt, how's the guest treating you? I hope he hasn't been too big of a pain in the ass. And what in the world were you doing setting up the fantasy baseball league at 4:00am last night? I saw that email and assumed it arrived when I was at church this morning. Then I saw the timestamp: 3:37am. Whaaaat!? Wow. Nice work. Oh, and speaking of nice work, you picked a quality team name. That was the best night of Euchre ever.

This movie?

Rosemary said...

Hi there. You can go to here or here or here. I can't tell if it is a zero or an "O." You may want to go to They have the free software there so you can put pictures on your blog.

Aside from that, I really liked your insight on the similarities between sports and life. I also believe that you must know everything the other side is going to come after you with in a courtroom to be a successful lawyer. If you don't do your're sunk. You will be shaken and appear unprepared or worse...stupid. No, I am not a lawyer! I just studied business law. Thought about it, but I don't like ripping people off, know what I mean? Hehe.

Rosemary said...

Oops! Could you please not use the I didn't realize that it went to MY home! Thanks.