Tuesday, May 10, 2005


It recently occurred to me that at my wedding there will most likely be toasts. You know, those things where people start by telling true stories that make you look bad, and end by telling lies that make you look good.

This will probably be my last post for a week or so, at very least. I'll be hanging out with my fiancee, taking care of wedding stuff for the next week. I will probably be nowhere near the internet that entire time.

I also need to write a paper in the next week. Naturally, my perpetually broken laptop is broken. Hopefully it can pull its head out of its USB port for a week and I can get the paper finished.

For all those guys out there, searching for the perfect woman, I have this advice to share: Give up, I already found her.

And last but not least, it's time to point out that I've got another semester in the books. Finals are done (there's still the matter of that paper, but we'll keep that on the DL). I'm almost completely packed up. My plane leaves in 6 hours. The year is over, and I'm headed home.

It's kind of a sad feeling, knowing you'll never be back. I won't ever have the same roommate (or a roommate other than my wife for that matter). I'll never teach highschool street law again. There will never be another day when I'm a second year law student. I'll never live in the same apartment.

And these sorts of things can hit pretty hard. Part of me is really sad. So I'm gonna throw out some goodbyes, to properly say goodbye to my second year of law school:

First, goodbye to my roommate. Thanks for a good year. Sorry I was so loud and messy.
Goodbye to my street law class. Keep on rollin'.
Goodbye lawschool friends. You put in a lot of work and it paid off with lucrative and influential summer positions at the most powerful law firms. Except for you Mike - have fun digging ditches!
Goodbye to 2L year. If I ever see so much school work again, I'll puke.
Goodbye crappy underling law journal position. Hello crappy underling-one-rung-higher position.
Goodbye first graduate level philosophy class. Feel free to visit. What's that? Next week? A paper? Sure!
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Goodbye piles of rejection letters. I'm sure we'll see each other again soon.
Goodbye DC. I'll be back when you start recycling and get good produce. Or the fall, whichever is sooner.
And finally, goodbye to 300 Massachusetts Ave., NW Apt. 726. I'll always think of you as my apartment with crappy elevators and a freakin' pigeon in the wall!

Somebody thought of that, and someone believed it


Anonymous said...

Rainbow Connection !

dyk said...

Just a heads up, no matter how cool they've been (and I've had some really great ones), you won't miss having roommates. Not when you have someone great to go home to.

Oh, and I STRONGLY advise against writing papers the week before your wedding. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY mean that one.

Gina said...

Just wanted to tell you that when we were at the races on Sunday I was wearing my Georgetown Law shirt and some guy asked me when I graduated. I told him I didn't go there but my brother is currently attending. And he said, o, the reason I asked is because me and my two friends are a couple of unsuccessful attorneys who graduated from georgetown. So I just wanted to let you know what your future looks like... gambling at the races.