Monday, June 06, 2005

Movie Review: Monster-in-Law

Look, it was bad. I didn't want to see it. Laura didn't want to see it. But they weren't showing anything else, watching a movie seemed like the sort of relaxing thing we wanted to do, and we were in Moose Lake, which is the Minnesota equivalent of Podunk, Iowa. Except I think Podunk is bigger. Ok, actually, I just did a search, and it turns out there is no city in Iowa by the name of Podunk. In fact, "Podunk, Iowa" has just entered into our language as a phrase which means "nowhere". Well, crap. That means Moose Lake is bigger.

But Moose Lake is still pretty small. They've got a movie theater, but the only show they had this weekend was Monster-in-Law. Well, so I'd heard on the radio that it was supposed to be a funny movie. I mean, it had J-Lo, so I figured it couldn't be awesome. But I thought maybe for that "here's-a-stupid-plot-where-characters-torment-each-other-and-learn-some-sentimental-truth-at-the-end-of-the-film" genre, that it could be ok. Maybe it was a bad movie done well.

It was not.

I won't bore you with any details of the film, but the sappy parts were ridiculous and stupid, the characters were unbelievable and stupid, and the humor was non-existant and stupid.

In fact, the high-point of the film - and I'm not kidding here - was Wanda Sykes. That's how bad a movie this was. The least funny, and most obnoxious, comedian I have ever seen was the best part of the movie.

In fact, I'm entering this movie into that class of films which are here-to-fore deemed unwatchable and which I am ashamed to admit I have ever seen. So far, there are only two movies in this class: The Perfect Storm, and now Monster-in-Law. Yes, it was that bad.

But at least I've now learned that Podunk, Iowa doesn't exist.

I give it an F.


Anonymous said...

So... would Julia Roberts have made it better? I know how much you LOVE her



dyk said...

"Ooo...Moose Lake!"

Am I remembering that VeggieTales line correctly?

(Going back to work in shame for knowing that one.)

Kajsa said...

I think Podunk, Iowa is a bit like Lake Wobegon. It might not actually be on the map, but it certainly exists in our Midwestern culture.

Kathy said...

Hi, yeah, the movie not great, but I wanted to let you know that there was a Podunk Center, Iowa. It was near Lorimor and Winterset in south central Iowa and my mother had the great pleasure of being born there in 1932. It no longer exists unfortunately, but it is still fun that I got to put my mother's birthplace as "Podunk Iowa" on my passport application.

Anonymous said...

Monster in Law wasn't THAT bad..come is your basic chick movie so as a guy you didnt like it.

I have seen worse movies than Monster in Law, some so bad I cant even remember their names...but puhhlease...

Anonymous said...

I just drove through Podunk, Iowa. At one time it was the smallest town in the nation with a population of 2. It had a post office. Today there is one house and a newer building. This building supposedly is going to be a small store.