Wednesday, July 27, 2005

If I Only Had a Job

No, no Job as in employment, not the Biblical character.

Today I signed up for interviews with several firms, most of which were located in D.C.
I am hoping for two things. First, that I actually secure time slots with firms, and second, that by some fluke of nature, the interviews lead to call backs, which lead to job offers.

If, by some even stranger fluke of nature, a passing reader decides that starting next July/August (allowing a couple months for bar passage) they'd like to hire someone with a J.D. from the prestigious Georgetown University Law Center, I'd be happy to talk. I have been employed as a Summer Law Clerk for the prestigious USBancorp Business Equipment Finance Group, one of a number of prestigious subsidiaries of the prestigious US Bank. I have further held the prestigious position of Law Clerk for the prestigious institution of Mid-Minnesota Legal Assistance. I should also note that I am one of the Annual Survey Editors on the prestigious American Criminal Law Review, that I was a member of the prestigious Georgetown Street Law Clinic through which I taught prestigious young rollas at the prestigious Dunbar Highschool, and that I hold a very prestigious license which certifies me to drive a fork lift.

I could while away the hours
Conferring with the flowers

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joel. said...

I wonder if my new place of employment has a dedicated legal department...