Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Even Old New York

I've often wondered what the word "autonomy" really meant. Then I overheard this conversation, and it all made sense:
Are you taking your auto? No, my bike.

I'm amazed at the destruction of the hurricane in New Orleans. I feel really bad for all those who have to deal with the horrendous consequences of Katrina. On the flip side, it's kind of ironic how many times I've been told from people living around the gulf area that people from Minnesota must be insane to live where the weather is so punishing.

I finally watched Gigantic last night. It's the documentary about the band They Might Be Giants. Not really a well done film at all, but the subject matter captivated me well enough. These guys truly are an awesome band, and have a very perpetual appeal to those of us who don't require linear development or non-metaphorical emotional involvement in our music. Also, (and I learned this before seeing the documentary, but it seems timely), did you know that their song Istanbul (Not Constantinople) is actually a cover of a song written by Jimmy Kennedy and Nat Simon, and performed by The Four Lads? Isn't that neat?

I'm working on developing a topic for a paper in my Bioethics and the Law class, and frankly, I'd like to write about something people want me to write about. I'm considering building on the "life starts at conception" idea, and using that to develop implications for a legal regime, focusing largely on the fact that you shouldn't establish a legal regime dealing with life issues until you've first come to an understanding of the underlying philosophical issues. I'm also considering taking up cloning and basic human rights, or focusing on information exchange between practitioners and the public, arguing that doctors must disclose their methods and results to the public (much in the fashion of Minnesota's reporting of "never incidents", but working to expand the concept). Any suggestions? All of these topics (and more) appeal to me, and I'm happy to take up any one of them. So, everyone should feel free to let me know what they want me to write about. Help me write my law school paper!

I'm not a real doctor
But I am a real worm, I am an actual worm


emnovak said...

woo hoo, i'm back at school and i'm finally getting a chance to check blogs again!

dyk said...

Was once New Amsterdam.

I've never heard the term 'Never Incidents' before. I'm curious.

Matthew B. Novak said...

Basically, "Never Incidents" are things that should never happen. Such as an operation on the wrong limb, or patients falling off of beds, or leaving tools inside the body after surgery, etc. Minnesota now requires reporting such incidents, and in less than a year's time they've come up with all sorts of ways - both innovative and obvious - to help avoid such problems, simply further solidifying MN as one of the healthiest states in the nation.