Friday, October 07, 2005

Bite Me

Recently my school decided to hop on the socially-responsible-eating bandwagon. Now every Thursday is "Eat Local" day. The menu on campus is made up of almost entirely local (within 50 miles) foods. Cheese and eggs from Maryland. Potatoes from Virginia farms. Fish which died in the polluted waters of the Potomac and floated ashore. You get the picture. And really, eating local is a great idea.

But why stop there? Why not give each day a theme? Sure, devoting yourself to a food-mantra once a week is a good thing, but I think we can do better. I'm challenging us to push the envelope farther. So I've come up with some theme suggestions, and a sample menu for each day of the week:

Monday: Eat What You Kill Day
The last pound of venison from the deer you shot 6 years ago
Roadkill, (with side of MXP-349)
African Violet
(For oil tycoons and SUV manufacturers, anything found in
nature would be acceptable for dining on this day)

Tuesday: Eat What Kills You Day
Alligator (with side of Bin Laden)
Items that become lodged in your throat
Whopper with cheese
Peanuts, shellfish, or other allergens

Wednesday: Eat What Rhymes Day
aka Nobody Eats An Orange Day
Shake n' Bake (with side of Frosted Flake)

Friday: Eat Like A King Day
Mutton Chop
Chicken ala King (with side of King Crab)
RC Cola
Dairy Queen

Saturday: Eat Like You Live In a Third World Country Day
Um, let's see...
I think there might still be some rice or beans from the red cross...
Nope, all out (with side of apology)

Sunday: Eat What Seems Familiar Day
From the Book of Genesis. "And on the 7th Day, God created
Leftovers. And He looked, and saw that it was good.
But not quite as good as the first time around."
Have a banana, have a whole bunch


Benoit Lapierre said...

Hi from Canada,
Keep on going, your Blog is very interesting!

Get Firefox!

Eric Michael Peterson said...

is that really an add?

dyk said...

Upon further review, it appears that that was in fact a combination of the worst of all possible things...not a spam comment, but rather a French Canadian, very rare in these parts of the internet.
The guy's blog looks so French-Canadianish, in fact, that that name might actually not be a pseudonym. Wow.
In addition, it all appears so stereotypically liberal, I bet Joel would find it obnoxious. Were he able to read french, that is.

dyk said...

Forgot my original reason for posting. Actually, I don't know that there was one...

Eat it. Wierd Al.

Lady said...

so basically i have one thing
it's a la and the "a" is supposed to have what we call an accent ague (think i spelt that correctly) but that's all i have to say.
au revior