Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Thanksgiving weekend. Finals in 2 weeks. Just like clockwork, my laptop stops working. AARRRRRRRRGGGGHH!

If Toshiba were here right now, I'd punch him in the throat. And probably yell a whole lot. You know, that uncontrollable fit of anger yelling, where flecks of your spittle come flying out and land on the other person's face. That kind of yelling. And maybe I'd stomp on Toshiba's foot and insult his mother. Because besides being fat, stupid, and ugly, she's given birth to an evil son who makes inferior and generally crappy laptops.

Oh sure, Toshiba used to make good laptops. And then once he had his great reputation he started out-sourcing production. Naturally, this led to inferior products, which in turn, has led to my absolute misfortune, and in turn, my extreme ire.

I hate you Toshiba. You make me mad. SO. MAD.

AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH! (This isn't just a scream. This is a scream with action. Fist-clenching, elbows brought in tightly to my sides, face pointed upward and set in a frightening contorted visage I howl this scream as the intensity in my eyes burns ever hotter.)

Somebody needs to do something about this constant problem. Over the past two years my laptops have broken about 10 times, and usually they're broken around finals. Which is about the worst thing that can happened to an already over-stressed law student. Frankly, I think I've earned a semester of working-laptop with all I've gone through. Or at least a quicker trip through Purgatory.

In fact, I think I've shown tremendous restraint thus far. The sheer fact that I haven't drop-kicked my laptop off the balcony is a miracle. I just keep telling myself "they won't replace it if you destroy it." Of course, they haven't bloody well replaced it anyways, so maybe that doesn't matter so much.

Freakin' Toshiba. Don't ever buy their laptops.


On a more happily inquisitive note, what do you think they used before the zamboni was invented?

And I've got Smokey who's been driving for years


Hyper-gurl said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING MATT! tell laura too! i didnt get to talk to you on the phone! i love you two!

Alan said...

whats wrong with the laptop? broken is a very general term.

Matthew B. Novak said...

Broken is an incredibly general term. In more specific terms, here's what happened:

Wednesday, I tried to start the computer. I was informed that a windows system file was missiing, and it could not start. Or I got a blank black screen upon trying to start it up. This happened for about 10 minutes of trying to turn it on. Then 5 minutes of waiting, and all of the sudden it worked.

But it worked slowly, and I couldn't access certain programs, such as my Symantec Anti-virus program. Which made me think "software problem." So I decided I'd save all the things I needed, and reformat.

So I put in the reformat disk, went through the process, etc. It worked for about an hour then, and then it started freezing up. So I restarted, and it froze up again. And again. Etc. So I thought maybe I'd made a mistake, and tried reformating again. It froze up during the reformat process as soon as it was running off the hard drive and not the reformat CD. So I think the problem's in the actual computer, and nothing software related.

That help? Can you diagnose from that description?

My "no lemon" policy should kick in and I should get a replacement laptop from Best Buy. Hopefully not another Toshiba.

Lady said...

squeegees (how do you spell that) they did it by hand, using squeegees. so what now

Alan said...

sounds like your hard drive is crapping out on you, when your computer starts up and flashes that press what ever to enter setup (usually f2 or f10) press it and see if you can run a hard drive test. laptop hard drives are by nature flakey, what with all the transport they go through. big problem is when people leave them on and put them in a bag or something like that, hard drive is still spinning and if it gets bumped it will cause read errors.

emnovak said...

well, you won't know about that purgatory time until you die!

the marvelous patric said...

i think you know what i would say about your windows machine. mind you, i am in agreement with the idea of it being harddrive related.
of course, i've had my laptop since 2000 or whenever the tiBooks came out, and my harddrive, though smaller than my ipod's capacity, has never crapped out on me. (sorry, i guess i couldn't resist.)
as for the zamboni question, my guess is that a team of eunichs with thin, but sharp and durable, blades took care of it.

Alan said...

yeah, dump it and get a powerbook

joel. said...

A Mac? Who would ever own a Mac?

Oh yeah. Me. Three of 'em.

the marvelous patric said...

i'm waiting for one of the new intel-based laptops. my little first-gen g4 powerbook is sooooooo slow at 400 mhz. when i first got it, i actually drew in photoshop on it. now, i use on a plane for watching firefly and working on my novel. oh, how times have changed.

of course, if apple hits us with a tablet pc.... :-)

yeah matt, what do you need a windows machine for anyway? all the major apps are mac native unless there's some obscure law program i don't know of.