Sunday, November 27, 2005

Powers of Observation

On Thanksgiving my wife made an especially insightful observation.

We had hosted - just a very small four person gathering - and after our guests had left/gone to sleep on the futon, we headed to bed ourselves. When we go to the bedroom Laura made her deep insight:

"We're old," she said, " - they put coats on our bed."

And it was true. You know you've reached a different stage of life when the spot designated for the coat pile is your bed.

Another person said that she
Cut her own head off with a knife
I think that would have been too hard
Not the best way to end your life


Lady said...

First of all what is that little thing at the bottom of every post. I think it's great, but i was kinda wondering where it came from.
secondly: ha your old! i'm still young and kicking!

Matthew B. Novak said...

The little thing is a song quote. It's frequently from a song somehow related - even if tangentally - to the topic of the post. If it's not related, it's either from the music I'm listening to as I'm writing or a song that I've been thinking about lately, or that I think people should go find and listen to. It's your job as the reader to figure out the song and artist.

I got the idea from lots of other blogs, but mainly Zhubin's.

Secondly, I'm older, but I'm still kicking. Just you wait, over Christmas, I'll kick you when you least expect it.

emnovak said...

he will too.