Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Imagine that you have to choose one color for the rest of your life. Everything you see from now on will be in shades of this color. All your clothes, your skin, your food, your house, even your toe jam. What color would you choose? And it can't be black, white or gray. Stop, think it over. What color would you want to see for the rest of your life if you could only see that color? Answer before you continue to the next question. And think about it hard, because once you move past this point you don't get to change your answer.

Think about it.
Did you answer the question?
Happy with your answer?
Ok, ready?

Here's the next question:

Was the color you picked your favorite color? In 50 words or less, why do you think you did/did not choose your favorite color? (You need not strictly adhere to this limit).

If red tries to swallow blue he will turn purple


the marvelous patric said...

okay, this is a horrible question for me as i make my money coloring comics. i picked blue, which is one of my favorite colors, but the reason i picked it over my other favorite, red, is because of a few reasons i actually thought out.
first off, because of where blue is in the spectrum. if i had picked red, red is the filter color used for black and white photography. this means that as a filter, it adds contrast, but it's also the safelight color. which, i reckon, means that it doesn't show up. so, if i see red everywhere, somethings might not show up right. like on the backs of the old transformer toys where they had their statistics and you had to use red celophane to see them.
my other reason for blue over red is that studies have shown blue to be more calming over red, hence the expression, "seeing red". pepsi switched to a blue can over their white can back in the day because blue tends to relax people, and make them drink more over, say coke's red can.

oooh... maybe i shoulda picked green. then i coulda been a green lantern. of course, the other advantage to green would be the fact that it is the only color i consider to be neutral. red is warm, blue is cold, but you can have warm greens and cold greens. maybe green is a better choice.

Matthew B. Novak said...

Funny, because I'd go with green. And the other people I've talked to about this have heavily considered green.

Matthew B. Novak said...

Wouldn't purple be neutral too? I think you can have both warm and cold purple.

joel. said...

So THIS is why you said I "had" to comment on your latest post. I'm actually going to have to think about this one for a while. However, I can give you my gut reaction right now: blue. It's easy on the eyes and has a calming effect on people. It's also dark enough that the world won't lose all contrast (assuming that 100% black now equals 100% blue, not 100% blue AND 100% black). Blue is also a very common color in nature. The sky and water both take that particular hue and foliage is a combination of blue and yellow, so the world won't suddenly go wacky and unfamiliar.

In fact, now that I've written this out, I'm going to go ahead and say that blue is my final choice. Now, if you need me to pick an RGB hex value, CMYK mix, or PMS swatch for an exact blue, I'll have to get back to you later ;)

joel. said...

(And now that I've actually read the other comments...)

You can have "warm" and "cold" reds and blues and yellows, too. It all depends on what direction the hues lean. It is nearly impossible to come up with a "pure" color—whether primary, secondary, or tertiary. The effects of lighting, reflections, color juxtapositions, and personal interpretations all combine to alter a color's perceived hue. Even if you were to work with perfectly neutral white light in a perfectly neutral white (or black (or 50% gray)) room, you'd have a VERY difficult time nailing a "pure" red that doesn't lean to the yellow (orange) or blue (violet) sides.

That's the reason that in my paint box I have three different tubes of "yellow", two different "reds", and three more "blues", not to mention two "greens" and a "violet". Mixing a cooler blue with a warmer red yields a "violet" that'll make you puke. I have to use the warm blue and the cool red to get the nice, rich, luscious violet that we all recognize as such.

(Maria and Elaine would be so proud. I actually learned something in Color Theory and three Painting classes)

emnovak said...

I actually gave this a small amount of thought. Meaning about 30 seconds. And I also came up with blue, but debated with green. My gut instinct was actually pink, because it's my favorite color, but when I thought about it, I realized a couple of things: first, there aren't many shades of pink. Second, it would be really hard on the eyes after awhile. And how would you know when someone had pink eye? So then I went to blue/green, and decided on green, because a)it's calming, b)there can be many different shades, and c)I like it better than green.
I don't really remember a lot about the color spectrum except roy g biv, so I guess I can't comment on anyone else's comments.

Lady said...

i didn't even have to think about it
the first color that came to my head was blue
prolly cuz it's not hard on the eyes
granted there are some shades that scream at you.
but my favorite color is red
i didn't chose that cuz it's red and honsetly that would just be a pain on the eyes to have to look at the rest of my life
blues wins
not entirely sure why and i know if there was anything said above it makes no logical sense
but i didn't even think of green at all....hmmm wonder why
blue wins

Bonnie said...

I picked green. I thought about the shades and the activities of life and the celebrations. Green for christmas and shades of green for the new life of spring and Easter. Green grass and the grey-green of the sea. The only thing that made me hesitate was thinking about green skin. I might feel like I wanted to puke all the time which is the only time I feel green. Ever notice how weird green looks spelled out after you've typed it awhile.

btnovak said...

what are colors?

Kendrick Novak said...

I would pick blue!!! I like blue and all it has to offer. Plus a lot of my shirts are already blue and striped so I wouldn't have to change their color.

Matthew B. Novak said...

Ok Dad, let's assume that you could actually see whatever color you pick, and it wouldn't all look brown. Would you rather be able to see red or green?

Matthew B. Novak said...

Also, Dad, how do you think your being color blind has affected your artistic ability? You still have a great eye for photography... That seems kind of interesting

btnovak said...

Well I do see some colors red (anger) green (envy) oh sorry that's not what you meant. Maybe just maybe with out the distraction of colors maybe composition is easier, not to say that I am all that good at photography, just lucky some times