Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Everyone can feel free to ignore this entry if you want, because it's just a pile of random crud

So I've finally finished what was easily my most grueling semester of law school thus far. There's still the tiny detail of the paper that needs to be written, but for now we'll pretend it doesn't exist.

I'm so glad that I had Laura around to help support me through this semester. It's amazing how much better law school is when you're married.

Which reminds me, congratulations go out to my sister Emily who got engaged on Sunday night. (Really Zhubin, I'm not copying you). Eric's a great guy, but I still hope she doesn't change her last name, because "Peterson" is just about as plain a surname as you can get.

Back to me now - this was seriously an amazingly intensely difficult semester. It feels terrific to simply let my mind wander...

Here's a random memory that found its way into conversation the other day: I saw Titanic twice in the theaters. Two dates, two different girls. The first girl was a bit, well, let's say of the type easily offended by partial frontal nudity in PG-13 movies, and particularly of her boyfriend viewing said nudity. In order to avoid the issue, I went to the bathroom at the right time, and missed Kate Winslet's ample bosom. The second time, I went with a much more healthily balanced girl, and just watched the flick. The second one was a much better date, though that probably had more to do with who I went with than it did with how many breasts I saw.

I think commercials constitute some of our culture's best artwork. Think about it - in 30 seconds they set a mood, tell a story, sell a product, direct you to a web site, play a song, and tell you that the possible side effects include nausea, mild headache, and stroke.

This weekend there are 7 movies opening into wide release. 7! And they all have to compete with Kong, which from the rumors everyone should see. Also, sight-unseen, I'd recommend The Producers.

My test today required me to write a full court opinion in response to a lawsuit based on a detailed fact pattern. If nothing else, I learned why judges have clerks: writing a full opinion is crappy work.

Ok, that's enough from me. This was a horrible, awful, no good, rotten entry, but I needed to write something, anything, that wasn't a fake court opinion. Everyone can feel free to ignore this entry if you want, because it's just a pile of random crud. You know what, that's gonna be my title.

I work hard every day of my life
I work til I ache my bones


joel. said...

Want to go to Kong tomorrow night, Matt? I feel a need to see that movie.

Matthew B. Novak said...

Doubtful, what with the being at The Lodge - for sure now, see you there?

Perhaps after we come back from Wabasso - sometime around the 29th? There's also The Producers...