Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ozzie and the Straw

I've been thinking a lot about baseball lately. Hey, it beats the heck out of Natural Resources Law.

First off, I hate the Boston Red Sox. Last year there was this conflict over who owned the baseball that Dougie caught for the last out of the World Series. Dougie said he did. The Sox organization said they did.
Dougie said, "Tell you what, let's sign this contract which says that you can have it for 1 year to show it to all the fans with the World Series trophy, and after that, if the dispute hasn't been settled, you have to give it back to me, at least until the dispute is settled."
Boston said, "Sounds good."
Now Boston says, "Screw you Dougie. We're suing so that this contract that we signed doesn't get enforced."

It's like Dougie said "I'll let you look if you promise to give it back" and Boston said "Ok, let me see." And then punched Dougie and kept the ball.

And no one has yet said that the Red Sox have ownership. And in fact, it seems that looking at the history of this type of thing, they'd lose. So basically, they stole the ball and are trying to use the courts to enforce their theft.

Worst of all, Dougie would probably sell the ball to them for an entirely reasonable price, but they haven't even offered. They're the freaking Boston Red Sox. They have the 2nd highest payroll in baseball, and they won't pay the guy for the property he should rightly get to keep. The Boston Red Sox are a complete bunch of cheap jerks.

In other baseball news, the Twins are still pursuing some free agents, and I really would love to see them get Nomar. I think he'd be a great addition. We'd still need a DH, and I'd like Piazza, but if we get Nomar, I'm happy.

Also, we have some trade possibilities. In this front, I'd love to see us get Hank Blalock from Texas, but I doubt that'll happen now that we traded away Romero. This was a move I didn't quite get - we could easily have dropped Romero into any trade an upped the quality of the guy we got in return. Instead we got rid of him for an A-level prospect. That's weak, and there's no guarantee that even the best A level people will even make it to AAA, much less the pros. My only thinking is this was a salary dump, since J.C. would have cost something like 2.2 million this year. And if we're dumping salary, could we be trying to clear room for a huge trade? Something like Tejada for Lohse and someone else? Baltimore was interested in our pitching... I doubt it'll happen, since Tejada is so expensive. But a fan can dream.

Right, well, I'll leave you with a baseball question: If the Twins can sign just free agent, who would you want it to be? Your choices are Frank Thomas, Mike Piazza, and Nomar Garciparra. I'd go with Nomar, but he probably doesn't have the power we'd still need. All the same, he's my pick.

So I sat back down, had a beer and felt sorry for myself

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Kendrick Novak said...

Easily we get Piazza. He has decent power, he doesn't get hurt like Thomas is. He has power like Nomar doesn't. Getting Nomar would improve our middle infield greatly yes, but with a bona fide all-star caliber 2nd basemen I say we gt power over skill at shortstop. We might still have a shot at Blalock from Texas, not sure becauase they did just get rid of Soriano (who we should have picked up).

How are the Mets fairing in payroll now? They have dropped a butt-load of money and am curious to see where it puts them or how high they have risen now.