Thursday, December 15, 2005

Some Musings

I once heard a rumor that during your first year of law school they scare you to death, the second year they work you to death, and the third year they bore you to death.

Clearly this saying has some implications for reincarnation.

But setting that aside, the first two prongs of the saying have definitely proved true in my experience. Coming into the year, I was looking so forward to long stretches of boredom. I had a posh schedule - no class on Thursday or Friday, and indications were strong that the final prong of the saying was also accurate. I even read a news story over the summer which proclaimed that some law schools were toying with the idea of eliminating the third "wasteful" year all together.


This has undoubtedly been my most intense semester thus far. Besides the paper I'm working on (and hoping to get published) I have 4 tests, each more dangerous and frightening then the last. Except for the final test, which, despite being the most dangerous, is really only the penultimately most frightening. (Penultimately? Can I adjectivize that word?)(Adjectivize? Can I verbify that word?)

Anyways, these are some dang intense tests. This may help explain the dearth of quality posts on Philosofickle for those who were wondering.

Basically though, I just wanted to call attention to the fact that tomorrow I will be taking a 24 hour test. Well, we have 24 hours to finish it, regardless of how much time it will actually take us. The professor says it can be done in 4 plus time spent editing, but I remain skeptical, as the last 24 hour test I took came with the same estimate, and I spent 18 hours of actual work-time on that sucker.

Given the immense suffering I am about to go through, your sympathies are much appreciated. You can provide them by clicking on the "comments" button, or mail them to:

Poor, poor, Matt
1515 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Apt. 723
Arlington, VA 22202.

Also, I wanted to throw out a comment about the last question I asked. The responses people gave have given me much to ponder as I try to avoid studying for my tests. I really appreciated the creative responses and obvious thought that went into them. If nothing else, it made me miss driving with great music through scenic areas and rocking with a great jazz band. I've been fortunate enough to do both. And thinking back on it, both have been about as close to heaven-on-Earth as I've ever come. Just something so ultimately fulfilling, blissful, and peaceful about both. So a big thanks to everyone who submitted on that post, and an further encouragement for people who haven't, or people with more ideas, to continue to post.

I should also say a word about M. Night Shamaylan (sp?). I was told my twist on the question below was lame (despite the great answers it elicited), like the twists in Mr. Night's latest films. But I need to tell everyone 2 things.

First, his twists were always that lame. Sixth Sense came as such a shock to everyone, but it was totally predictable, and I did in fact predict it long before I saw the ending.

Second, his movies aren't about the twists, or the suspense. They're always about something else that just takes place in the midst of the twist/suspense. For example, Unbreakable is a terrific movie about a man's relationship to rebuild his life with his wife and child after it lost all of its purpose. It's a beautiful story. Or take Signs, in which a man who once lost his faith learns to trust in God again. I mean, that's a brilliant idea because it happens at a time when there is absolute proof that we are not alone in the universe - something that for most people would cause a crisis of faith. And Mr. Night has juxtaposed that beautifully with a man who, through the same phenomena, comes to believe again. That's powerful. So give the man a break - he's not telling stories about a twist, he's telling stories about people. And they're awesome stories at that.

And last but not least, I really hate campuses that have exclusive contracts with a single pop supplier. This may be the topic of a full rant someday soon, but I don't have the energy to be angry right now. Maybe if my campus had Mt. Dew I could manage it, but instead I'm off to bed.

Oh, and don't forget to give me sympathy for my horrible tests.

She's seen her share of devils in this angel town


Gary said...

I just have to say, I love giving 24 hour tests. And I usually tell them it'll only take 2 hours!

Ben said...

In return for you commenting on my blog, I'm commenting on yours.

I sympathize with the faux-boring 3rd year. I've been FAR too busy to be bored. And that time when I was studying for my Corporations AND writing a Negotiation paper AND wrapping up my clinic files AND trying to do journal work...that wasn't fun.

Point being, I sympathize with you.

For a moment there, I thought you were gonna bust on my buddy (in the sense that I don't know him at all) M. Night. I would've had to withdraw all sympathy for you if you did. But I can agree that his movies aren't all Twist and the Twists aren't great...although I must disagree on the value of the Sixth Sense twist. Even if I knew about it, I thought it was well-handled. But, personally, I think he should give up on the Twists entirely. He's getting himself into a rut when everybody expects a twist. Signs was a good movie even without the twist (if the ending even counts as a twist). Sixth Sense was an excellent movie even without the twist. So, time for M. to move on., according to Zhubin you like baseball? What is wrong with you?

the marvelous patric said...

i used to take tests back in highschool. they were kinda lame. then i went to art school and instead was given final projects that i was completely responsible for that took way more time than was feasable, and usually had three at once, followed by boring ass critiques of everyone's final projects that they all spent weeks on, just like me.

and back m. night. i loved six sense and unbreakable. signs, well... i agree with meagan marco on how there was a lot of dumb things in that movie. the village was good too. it's just that he puts in these little twists which i think his audience has not built up to be a trademark of his, when it shouldn't be anymore.

i still want the rest of the unbreakable trilogy. breakable and broken need to be made.

oh, and poor matt. if only he didn't get to go home to a beautiful wife, his life would totally suck.

Matthew B. Novak said...

Gary - you're sick. It's just so mean.

Ben - I appreciate the readership. As you know I followed Zhubin's to your blog, and I even had it bookmarked before my laptop died. It will be bookmarked again now that I have a new one. Also, you never answered my question about whether you knew Jim and Krista Gates. I realize it's a big school and all, but I thought maybe...

Patrick - there's really a trilogy? That would be sweet.

Thinking Fool said...

Signs was absolutely awful. The Village sucked too. The day M. Night stops with the twists is the day I don't go to his films. The last two blew and were so dreadfully boring that I contemplated suicide during both movies. With that stated, I loved the Sixth Sense (and was surprised BIG TIME) and Unbreakable!

Emily said...

Poor, poor Matt. I sympathize and am currently feeling the same pain...well, at least similar.

Hence I am browsing blogs instead of working on my papers.

In any case, while M. Night's movies are not ones I would say I enjoy watching, they do have good stories--at least the ones I've seen--and I for one am freaked out by them (which leads to the non-enjoying part) and usually surprised at least a little by the twists. Well, maybe surprised isn't the right word because I'm pretty sure I saw them coming, maybe more like curious how he will reveal them?

Ben said...

Thinking Fool, you DARE to disagree with my taste in movies?! That's an afront to basic human decency! You shall be punished by being forced to watch Scary Movie 3 over and over again. And then Cruel Intentions 2...because I'm just mean.

[Spoiler warning]

Signs was great. I liked the early part wondering whether the aliens were real. I liked how - as in most of M. Night's films - he uses what you DON'T see to greater effect than what you see. Yes, the aliens turn out to be less then fearsome when you actually see one. But I was quite creeped out when they were pounding on the boards trying to get into the house. And the "twist" (if it can be called that) was kind of unexpected. Considering that Mel Gibson's character seems to be an Episcopalean (sp?) priest and M. Night is Hindu, the ending was a tad surprising as well.

It's no Sixth Sense. But it's a hell of a lot better than Unbreakable...which I found to be a dull retread of the Sixth Sense formula. With Signs, I felt he was breaking out of his formula a little. I hope there is NO twist at the end of his next film.

(P.S. Never saw The Village. Don't plan to. But hey, I might get bored.)

Wasn't this post originally about something else? Oh yeah...I still feel sorry for you Matt. I mean, I hope exams are over for you anyway...but I think the purpose of this post is that I should feel sorry for you on general principle, so I'm happy to oblige. :P

Gunner said...

I could make a better movie than M. Night Shama-llama-ding-dong.

This is the plot:

5 people go outside, they have a picnic. Burgers, hot dogs, salad... the works.

Everything goes off without a hitch until they get home. Then they realize... those burgers and hot dogs... THEY WERE MADE OUT OF PEOPLE!!!!


And then the violins go: DUNNN-DUNNN-DUNNNNNNN!!!!!

::roll credits::

Lady said...

Yeah i have no comment except jw matt what that speech piece you proposed for me was. i need to find it asap and start learning it...
we are beginning that season again and i wanna kick ass.

Gunner said...

That and you think my movie would be sweet...

That was another comment that you had.