Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What's Wrong With These People?

We finally got some snow here in D.C. It wasn't too heavy, but it stayed on the ground in a couple of places, maybe somewhere between a half inch and an inch of accumulation. This all came down over about a 20 hour period, so it was really a pretty light snowfall.

What was strange was, despite the lightness of the snowfall a whole bunch of people pulled out their umbrellas. Oh wait, the umbrellas weren't weird because it was a light snowfall - they were weird because it was snow!

And two eyes made out of coal


emnovak said...

weird-no one is commenting on your blogs!
the song is frosty the snowman of course.

Kajsa said...

We're still training in a couple of our classmates on the fine art of living with snow. It's fun to see them get so excited about it, but a little scary to ride with them driving through it...

Good luck with the end of the semester, are you going to be back in MN for awhile at Christmas?