Saturday, January 14, 2006

Dave's Not Here, Man

Just like every financially astute couple, Laura and I are consolidating our loans. We started the process way back in June, but things keep happening to set us back. Though we're still getting June's great rates, so no worries there. But this morning I got a phone call from our consolidation service specialist, Darrell. It was one of the funniest phone conversations I've ever had:

D: "Hello, Mr. Novak? This is Darrell Shelton your consolidation service specialist."
M: "Yes?"
D: "Is Mr. Novak or Ms. Guetter there?"
M: "Yes, this is he."
D: "Can I please speak with Matt Novak?"
M: "Speaking."
D: "I'm sorry, is this the Novak household?"
M: "Yes, it is."
D: "Is Mr. Novak available?"
M: "This is Matt Novak."
D: "Well then, would Laura Guetter be there?"
M: "This is Matt. You're talking to him right now."
D: "Mr. Novak is available?"
M: "Yes. This is him."
D: "Ok, I see. Well then, can you please let him know that this is Darrell Shelton returning his call, and he can reach me at XXX-XXXX. Thank you. Goodbye."
M: "Yeah, sure. Whatever. Goodbye."

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