Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Good Stuff is at the End of This Post

First off, I really really really hope the Vice President gets up and says "Hey, America? You know what? I really screwed up. I'm an experienced hunter, but I made a bone-headed mistake, and now I've got to live with the fact that I shot a man in the face. I feel so awful I can't even begin to express it. I'm sorry. I broke the first rule of gun safety, and I feel horrible. I've apologized to Mr. Whittington, and I'll do everything in my power to make it up to him. And I'm apologizing to the country now, because I did not act responsibly. And I want the nation to learn from my example. This is exactly why gun safety is so important. Even experienced hunters can make mistakes if they aren't smart about gun safety, and that's what happened. Please, learn from my mistake. I'm sorry."

Something tells me he won't be quite so open with the country. And if he's not, then he deserves even more scorn then we're already heaping on him.

Also, I'm sad to admit it... I "did" Valentine's Day this year. Yes, I got a gift for Laura. And I made those scrumptious looking baked goods you see pictured here.

But don't fear - I still think it's a stupid holiday. I still hate it.

So I guess if I'm going to explain the picture, I'm going to have to admit that what I don't hate is being domestic. I kind of enjoy cooking and baking and trying to do fun stuff with food. So you have to see this "Valentine's Day activity" in its proper context; I've just been in a cooking mode lately. I made a loaf of banana bread last week, and I've been making omelets and pastas and crunchy garlic chicken stuff. And I decided that I wanted to bake a cake. And it just so happened that we had heart-shaped cupcake tins. So since there probably aren't a ton of times when we'll use those, I decided to take advantage of the season. Then I threw in a little food coloring (that was just a new toy for myself), and viola! Really, not a big deal.

And Laura and I didn't even exchange our gifts on Valentine's day, so they didn't really count anyways.

And finally, I know this is kind of a stupid thing, but I want to call attention to two brilliant commercials.

The first is that series of commercials for Careerbuilder.com, featuring the guy who works with a bunch of monkeys. Hilarious. We can all feel for him. I love when the monkeys turn the graph upside down or point lasers at his crotch. Man, we've all been there before! Oh, and if you go to their website, they've got this nifty thing where you can send video-mails from the monkeys, with your voice coming out of their mouths. It's spectacular.

The other commercial is the Snickers commercial with the guy wearing the Snickers wig. You can see it here (click on "Bald"). I laugh every time I see it. I'm laughing now just thinking about it. You know it's a great commercial because you feel so bad for the guy. Think about that - it takes them about 2 seconds to make you care about this character. And because you care, it's just so dang funny. That's good commercial making.

It's nice to see someone perfecting one of the only true American art forms.

Even if nobody else sings along


Gina said...

you completely sold out. I am so disapointed in you. According to you Valentines day is not the only day of the year to show your love so then shouldn't it be just fine to make heart shape cakes any day of the year???

And just the fact that you got each other gifts, even though you didn't give them on valentine's day but they were intended as a valentine gift means you definetly celebrated valentines day in the hallmark way.

you totally sold out.

Matthew B. Novak said...

No way. I don't like hearts, so I wouldn't use those normally - I would normally just use a cake pan, so this was an "appropriate" opportunity.

And I got Laura a gift more in celebration of her starting her job - it was a necklace that she can wear with her more professional work garb. It was around Valentine's, but not a Valentine's gift. And Laura gave me music that I've been asking for for a long time, so it wasn't even Valentine's type stuff.

It's not sell out. We didn't go out to dinner or anything. We didn't celebrate Valentine's day, we only happened to do these things around Valentine's day.

Gina said...

keep telling yourself that. sell out.

Emily said...

Hehe...you said "viola!"

the marvelous patric said...

This isn't matt's first sell out... need I i bring up the DMB debacle?

Dave said...

Sales are up!