Friday, March 10, 2006


First off, the second Reason, Law and Morality post is coming sometime in the very near future. I've even got it outlined already, just haven't had the chance to sit down and write it. So if you're checking in because you were interested in that, keep an eye out.

Second off, I've been pretty busy this week - well, the last day or two - working on the two papers I have to write this semester. I took me forever to get motivated to work on them, but now that I'm doing the research and really getting into it, I'm totally pumped to be writing these. They both deal with Method Tracking, that crazy idea some of you have heard me talk about. Basically, it's a revolutionary-ish way of approaching health care, that will have all sorts of benefits. The long and the short of it is that we require detailed tracking of the practices and procedures (i.e. the methods) that doctors use. It's being done in limited forms, and I'm advocating a much wider application of the principles. It's strange how simplistic the idea is, and yet how revolutionary it could be. I wrote a paper last semester about how great Method Tracking could be for patient autonomy, and this semester I'm looking at some of more concrete implications of Method Tracking - implications for the tort system and what role the law should play in implementing systems of Method Tracking. If you want more information, you can feel free to e-mail me at, and I'll send you my paper from last semester (I'm gonna be trying to get it published, as soon as my professor gives me the grade on it...).

In other news, I think Barry Bonds is a duche bag, and he needs to just finally be honest with the public. Regardless of his steroid use I think he should be admitted to the Hall of Fame (his pre-steroid numbers were still awesome). I also don't really give a flying flip if he beats Ruth's home run record, so long as he doesn't take over Aaron. I might be checking out that new book on his steroid use when it comes out at the end of the month.

In other baseball news, I still miss Kirby Puckett.

In other baseball news, the World Baseball Classic has been awesome. If you haven't watched any yet, see that you do. Great baseball, great atmosphere, lots of cool stories coming from around the world - it's freakin' sweet. Now if only they could change the timing so that it was in the middle of the summer...

Finally, this last week was spring break for me. Which meant basically that I did homework and caught up on sleep/mindless television. It's been good. Today I just went and sat on the mall for a while, reading journal articles for my papers. Next week the semester kicks back into high gear. Only 2 months left of school for me, and then it's out into the real world.

Oh yeah, and I still don't have a job. But I'm looking. If anyone knows anyone in the health law fields, let me know. I'd love to just make some contacts and ask people some questions... Ok, time for bed. Goodnight.

Oh, bonus points for the song.

For all the lies you told
This is what you owe


Kajsa said...

Ooh! Ooh! It's "Hit 'Em Up Style"! How random - I just heard that on the radio yesterday.

Good luck with the papers!

In other baseball news, you and Laura should really come see the Hall of Fame sometime.

Ben said...

I must now officially question your taste in music......

Also, did you just use the word "revolutionary-ish"?

Matthew B. Novak said...

Kajsa -
Working on it... Once I have a job, or solid job prospects it'll be a lot easier to feel like we can get up there. Provided we can find time off... Probably not before the bar is done, but hopefully sometime shortly thereafter...

Ben - First, just because I'm quoting a song doesn't mean I think it's a good song. Second, Blu Cantrell has it's place. Not the worst song ever. Not brilliant, but certainly better than many of the songs that have hit the top 40 in the past decade.

Also, I use words free-and-loosely-ish. Hence "revolutionary-ish". I figure that since I'm a rather well educated person who is usually aware of the existence or non-existence of the proper phraseology that I'm allowed to contort language to serve my purposes. After all, it's just a tool. And if I find new and creative uses for tools then I'm able to do more. In that sense, I guess you could say my approach to language is revolutionary. Ish.

Matthew B. Novak said...

Oh, and Ben, you should appreciate this:

On my sister's blog I just used the word "money" in contraction form.
(12th comment).

Jeff said...

I was just in Arizona where I got to go two a couple of WBC games... I sat practically on the field for Canada-S. Africa and in a crowd of rowdy Mexicans for the Canada-Mexico game... it was a lot of fun.