Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Phickle Thoughts

First off, there's a great conversation going on down below, about law and reason, so hop on in if you're so inclined.

Secondly, I was planning on writing a music review sometime of two albums I got sometime around Valentine's Day, from my wife (not to be confused with a Valentine's Day gift). The two albums are Jenny Lewis' (of Rilo Kiley fame) Rabbit Fur Coat and Blake Sennett's (also of Rilo Kiley fame) band The Elected's Sun, Sun, Sun. I'm not gonna get to those, but suffice it to say, they're both awesome. Check them out.

Third, later this week I'll be posting my 2006 baseball preview. I didn't do amazing with my predictions last year, so if anyone wants to send me any information they think would be relevant to predicting the season (like why the team you root for is the best, who you like for MVP or rookie of the year, why you think the Yankees or Red Sox chew monkey butt, etc.), you should feel free forward that information to me at

Fourth, notice my new subtitle deally. I'm really proud of this one for some reason or other.

Fifth, you know what I hate? The fact that a bottle of pop now always costs $1.25 in vending machines. I really appreciated when it was a buck. I don't begrudge the higher price - sure, I pay it from time to time, and I understand that with rising oil prices production costs went up, and they can get away with charging it and such. It's just that $1.00 was so perfect for a bottle of pop. It just seemed to fit. Splash down a buck, get a bottle of Cherry Coke, or Mt. Dew, or Pepsi, or whatever. It just worked out right. It was convenient, and handy, and it felt fair. You just never had buyer's remorse when it only cost you a buck, but as soon as you break into that second dollar - even just a little bit - all bets are off. And that makes me sad. Ok, I just realized that I'm 24 and pining like a crotchety old man for the days when prices were more reasonable. Crap.

Finally, I found out last night that if you were to take what is perhaps the funniest line from what is perhaps the funniest movie, and Google it, your first hit would be Philosofickle. Yes, if you Google "How would you like to suck my balls Mister Garrison?" you'll get my blog. How awesome is that?

And it's a surefire bet I'm gonna die
So I'm taking up praying on Sunday nights
And it's not that I believe in your almight
But I might as well
As insurance or bail


Jeff said...

The Mr. Garrison thing is funny beyond words.

Also, GO NATIONALS!!!! Yes, I know they're gonna suck this year since they have exactly two pitchers, but I can dream...

And I would throw a plug for my O's in here too, but they're past the point of rescue.

the marvelous patric said...


The ghost of Kirby Pucket is their Angel in the Outfield.

Mike said...

I'm unfamiliar with this "pop" of which you speak, but I have noticed that certain things, namely SODA, are $1.25 in vending machines. Fortunately, this is helping me in my quest to stay off soda.

The "South Park" movie is absolutely hilarious. People sometimes seem to forget how amazingly awesome that movie was. It's always nice to hear that not everyone has forgotten. And it is truly an honor to have your name associated with that line forever and ever. Congratulations!

dyk said...

I happened to be perusing Title 10 of the United States Code the other day and noticed that dueling is strictly prohibited ( so I think Jousting is out, unless it happens to be the friendly, sporting type of jousting, but that wasn't the feeling I got from the from your subtitle text.

I, too, hate the dollar and change pop machines. After coming back from our 45 day mission readiness exercise, I was disgusted to find out that our machines had gone from $1.00 to $1.15 (for the .5L bottle). On the other hand, European Coke sucks. And the Mountain Dew is worse. And the company has a fridge full of U.S. spec pop cans that we sell to raise money for body armor and bullets. Every nickel helps.

Kajsa said...

My grad program has a machine that sells Coke in glass bottles for 60 cents - unfortunately it doesn't work most of the time.

Anonymous said...

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Eric Michael Peterson said...

I don't know how no one thought to ask this yet, but how did you find out that you get a link to your blog after google'ing "How would you like to suck my balls Mister Garrison?"? I just do not understand how you go to that point.