Thursday, April 20, 2006

And I Realize... I'm Going Home

Points if you get the title reference.

So the Chinese President came to the US to do business with Mr. Bush. I'm pretty sure he brought a large diplomatic/press cadre with him. And I'm pretty sure that diplomatic/press cadre was a very nicely-dressed crowd of mostly men all wearing clothes emblazoned with some sort of emblem displaying Chinese and American flags. And apparently after getting the "Welcome to America, please enjoy our beautiful monuments, educational museums, and, oh yeah, freedom from being shot for saying something critical of the government" speech the first place they all wanted to visit was Chinatown. As you would expect if you'd seen D.C.'s Chinatown, they all had looks of grave disappointment on their faces.

And ok, with that note, I'm happy to say, I'm almost done with class, and I'm soon to be on my way home to Minnesota for the weekend. This makes me very happy. It also means there will be no more posts for a few days. But if previous visits are any indication, there will be stories when I return.

And his shoes are laced with irony

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