Saturday, April 15, 2006

Phickle Thoughts

I realize that there haven't been a ton of posts lately. This is because I've been busy writing papers. In the past week I have written 60 pages worth of papers. And I'll be adding probably at least another 10 to that tonight and tomorrow. Though hopefully not too much tomorrow - it's Easter!

The papers all deal with this crazy theory I have about how to make health care better. I wrote one last semester on the topic, and I'm writing two more now. It's crazy, because I've hit on a really great idea, but in some ways it's very obvious. In addition, I'm trying to tackle a gigantic problem. With all of this, as I research and write my papers, I keep vacillating between the extreme where I feel like I'm in way over my head and my idea is too crazy, and the other extreme where I feel like what I'm saying is so obvious and stupid. The nice thing about bouncing between the two is the brief moment of joyful hope that I've managed to do something good.

...It usually fades quickly.


Easter's tomorrow! Yay for Jesus! And Peeps! Now there's a question... why do people hate Peeps? I mean, I love me my Peeps. Yummy marshmallow-y sugary goodness. And while I love Peeps, I can certainly understand why other people wouldn't care for them. Some things, you just don't like to eat because they just don't taste good to you.

But I don't think I've ever met a person who just "doesn't like Peeps." No, if you don't like Peeps then it seems you also hate them. And I don't get that. I don't like eating olives, but I don't hate them either. So why is it that people hate Peeps?

All you Peep haters out there, I'm looking at you. You'd better come up with some good reasons for your spiteful preemptive strike on Peeps. And don't tell me it's because they're a weapon of mass destruction. I've heard that one before, and I ain't buying.


Finally, for all you East/West/South coasters out there, what the heck do you call bars? And not the "let's go get a drink" kind of bars. I mean the Rice Krispy's Treats kind of bars. You know, that whole genre of pot-luck desserts. Rice Krispy bars, Special K bars, peanut butter bars, those-ones-that-are-all-chocolately-but-aren't-brownies-and-have-coconut-in-them bars, and so forth. Do you even have such a category of food? When did Rice Krispy's Treats become common place? Please tell me it was long before they were marketed commercially by Kellogg's as Rice Krispy's Treats. Because I'll be honest, I never ever heard them called "Treats" before that point - they were always "Bars" prior to that release. So really, what do you call them?

And there you have it, two good reasons for people to respond. We've got good questions about Peeps and good questions about bars. Now hop (in Easter Bunny fashion) to it!

And I think about the dirt that I'll be wearing for a shirt
And I hope that I get old before I die


Cindy said...

I'm from the North and I call them "Rice Krispie squares". That's so funny that I happened upon your post, because I just made them a couple nights ago, first time in years. I also made a batch with Fruity Pebbles, but instead of calling them "Fruity Pebbles squares", for some odd reason I call them "Rice Krispie squares made with Fruity Pebbles". You'd think I'd shorten it, wouldn't you.

Ben said...

Happy Easter, my friend whom I've never actually met!

dyk said...

Peeps were complicit in 9/11.
And they make unethical campaign contributions for congressional favors.
And they cross the border illegally to work for extremely low wages and take jobs from everyday hard-working Americans.

Man I hate those things.

I. Hulk said...

Hulk smash pe--
Hulk love peeps! Peeps Hulk's friend!
Hulk eat pe--
Hulk not eat friends.. but Hulk want to eat peeps. Stupid peeps.

Hulk smash peeps!
Hulk get gooey. Hulk not smash peeps.

joel. said...

Matt, you like Peeps because you have no teeth left and they're easy to gum. Those of us who still have our teeth—and nice, straight, white, cavity-free ones at that!—hate peeps. We prefer to chew food with substance and flavor other than "granulated, yet airy, sugar".

joel. said...

I almost forgot: Peep Research

Matthew B. Novak said...

I get that you don't like them. That I understand. But not liking them doesn't mean you should hate them. WHY THE HATE?

Matthew B. Novak said...

Oh yeah, and Chris, you're a Peepist. Peeps deserve the same rights and respect that you give to pixie stix and skittles.

joel. said...

Why do I hate? Because they make me want to puke. The texture, the overwhelming quantity of sugar, the...everything. Ew.

Matthew B. Novak said...

But you don't have to eat them, so why the hate?