Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Phickle Thoughts

Thank you Stephen Colbert, for point out that we now have 999 days of W left. That's 999 days of praying the federal government doesn't screw things up worse than they already have. And also of maybe praying for Stevens to retire from the court, since I think that's the one thing Bush hasn't screwed up yet.


Well, it was a great trip home. Crazy chaotic though.

We got in late Thursday, and got up relatively early Friday morning to do some shopping and meet my sister for lunch. After that we got to see her lab at the dental school. Scary. Maybe other people would look at the gigantic books of statutes and case law sitting on my shelf and think the same thing. But for me, the molds and models and drills and scientific names for body parts and maladies, that's much scarier. I have a ton of respect for how demanding those advanced science degrees are.


Also, did you know that Midwest Airline gives you fresh baked cookies in-flight? They actually bake them in flight. Though I'm confused at how they managed to sneak the ovens past the TSA.


Friday night we drove up to visit a bunch of friends. On the way we got lost. That had a lot to do with the fact that all of the roads were named by someone with a total lack of creativity. See, we turned from 171st Ave onto 171st Lane. That wasn't so strange on its own, but from 171st we turned into a neighborhood that was like something out of Purple Planet (Yeah, that's a Mister Roger's Neighborhood reference. Crazy, huh?) - all the houses looked the same. To make matters worse, we had to turn onto Polk St. The first road we passed was Polk Road. The second was Polk Circle. The third was Polk Street, and we turned, but a little part of me died when I didn't keep driving to find out just how many Polks there were.

Seriously, city planners should be required to take creative writing courses. Or at least buy a thesaurus.


Saturday was an awesome wedding, and it was great to see two good friends make each other so happy. Good luck to Rick and Jessica in their new life together!


Brunch on Sunday morning was, well, delicious, but also completely, well, completely Novak. We went to the Novak household for my brother's First Communion. When we showed up people were already there, so we jumped right into helping with all that needed to get done. The preparation involved about two dozen people running around cooking, cleaning, messing up, setting up tables and chairs, talking, singing, shouting, obstructing the progress of those of us who were working, etc. The place was crowded, filled with dozens of conversations and about 14 kinds of breakfast foods... it was like IHOP on acid.

And perhaps the best part of it was that Laura's hair still smelled like bacon when we got back to D.C. 24 hours later. Mmmm.


Sunday night we got together with the Johnnie/Bennie crowd. Even the Dykhoffs were back from Germany for a little while. They brought their new baby Josh, who already has more hair than his dad. It was really cool to have a baby in the crowd - just sort of a peek into the future in some ways; even as we're all growing up and moving away and starting our own families, we've still got our SJU family, and that'll always be home. And someday I'm sure Laura and I will bring our kids to these get-togethers, and the Dykhoffs will bring more, and the Marshes, and the Danielsons, and maybe even the Henrys (Insert your own joke here about Joel, Tesch, or Gavin). There's just something really cool about that.

It was great seeing everyone again. I miss that group so much. There was just something ridiculously special about St. John's and the relationships that you build with people when you're there. You just really can't understand it until you've experienced it, or at least seen it first hand. There's just no place else on Earth like SJU. It's really that special.

We were once so close to heaven


Nate said...

Road Movie to Berlin

Sounds like you had a good time back in MN. Incidentally, Abbey was back visiting MN this past week, did you get a chance to see her?

Matthew B. Novak said...

Oh, yeah. Also I saw my cousin Abbey who I haven't seen in like 4 years.

emnovak said...

you think laura's hair smelled like bacon for a long time? she wasn't even the one cooking it-how do you think i felt? (and smelled!)

joel. said...

Dude, you were willing to give Brendan the benefit of the doubt with regards to women, and yet you make the what-a-bunch-of-womenless-losers joke about Gavin, Tesch, and me? Ouch. I guess your ego is still a little sore from the "Hey! Joshua is taller than Matt already!" comment I made. Poor Matt...

Matthew B. Novak said...

Yeah, I'm not sure why I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I just wrote (and deleted) a long explaination, but it was probably offensive, and definitely was more than a little, shall we say, awkward. Basically though, I don't know. I don't really see it happening for him first, but of all the guys left in the group, he's the one I hope it for the most.

joel. said...

If you deleted it out of respect for the non-anonymity of the internet, feel free to email it to me :)

I hope for Gavin most, Brendan second. Tesch and I do alright for ourselves and I'm pretty confident that things'll work out eventually. Crowley had been at the top of the list, but the dude somehow landed a hot chick with an accent—a feat I marvel at daily.

(I'll have you know that I've got a date tonight (Thurs), so take that!)