Friday, May 12, 2006

Done, D-U-N, Done.

Like the end of an artsy film, my law school career now says, "fin."

Yup, I'm done. Had my last test. Handed in my last paper. Answered my last question. Showed up late for class for the last time. All finished.

I'm not sure how I feel. The immediate sense of relief - "Thank God that semester is over" - is really all that's gripping me now. But I can feel a steady current below the surface, like a deadly riptide, pulling me out into the sea of unemployment. I'm struggling mightily against it, but I'm just not very good at swimming. Or interviewing.

So I'll get to work on that. And starting May 21 I'll be taking a bar review course, and preparing to take the Virginia Bar (provided they received and accept my application... when do we get confirmation that we can sit for the bar? Anyone know about this sort of thing?). So it'll be right back into school mode, with preparation for the bar which happens in late July. Hopefully in that time frame I'll be able to find a job. I'm looking at health care stuff, since I'm really interested in that, (and frankly, pretty good at it too). I'm also considering starting a non-profit so that I can continue to do the type of research and writing that I've been working with lately - basically looking at the ideal way of improving health care quality. (Which reminds me, if anyone wants to read these papers, they're not too shabby. Well, one of them is good, the other needs a lot of work, and the one from last semester is good, but could use another revision in light of the work I did this semester. So just e-mail me if you want to read 'em (and you should all want to read 'em...)(no, seriously, I understand if you don't. I'm slightly offended, but I totally understand.).

Ok, well, that's the update. I'm getting an insider's tour of the White House tomorrow, and I'll probably post a summary of that (along with Gina and Josh's visit) on here in the next couple of days. It'll be great, and I'll try to get a picture or two.

School's out forever


Ben said...

Congrats good sir!

Kajsa said...


Thinking Fool said...

Congratulations. Good luck on the bar and with the job hunt. Try to find something about which you're really passionate. That's a tough task! Carpe diem.

emnovak said...

don't read his papers unless you already understand and don't care that they are 40 pages long.

Nate said...

Hey Matt I am definitely interested in reading your paper on healthcare, I am sort of partial to the subject. So yeah, send a copy my way when you get a chance. Oh, and congrats on finishing, thats awesome that you are completely done.

Jacob said...

First of all, congrats!

Second, if you'd like to write about healthcare, I encourage you to check out a new organization devoted to improving heath care by making it more responsive to consumer needs. It was started by my friend Trapier Michael, who previously interned at the Cato Institute and will be studying in Harvard's health policy program in the fall. Check it out at