Monday, May 15, 2006

My Trip to the White House

Ok, so I found out on Saturday that they've actually re-opened the East Wing of the White House to tours. It had been shut down after 9/11, but apparently they recently resumed giving tours. So that means the general public is able to see highlights such as "The Red Room" and "The Cross Hall." Which I suppose is all well and good for the general public.

But I ain't the general public.

Which means instead of touring the boring half of the White House, I toured the cool half of the White House. The part of the building where all the important work stuff happens. Yeah, that's right, the West Wing. (Before I go any further, I should say this was made possible by forces entirely beyond my control, namely my sister's husband's brother works as an operator at the White House, and he got us all in. Still, it was awesome. And thanks Gina and Josh)(That being all said, I still claim that it was my general greatness that got us in.).

Ok, so anyways, we got to see pretty cool sights, most of which were highly unphotogenic. By which I mean, if we wanted to continue the tour, there were to be no pictures taken.

Pictures or no, the tour was great. We got to see places such as The Roosevelt room, which cannot hold a meeting unless the President is present. And the Cabinet Room, which was generally awesome since that's where the Cabinet meets. And, oh yeah, The Oval Office! Which was really cool, but much smaller than I always imagined. Also, the phone on the desk just outside of the Oval Office said that there were 2 new calls. I thought that was funny. I would have taken a picture, but, you know, the whole getting kicked out thing...

We did get to take a couple pictures. There was the Rose Garden.
If you were to go crashing through the windows on the far right there, you'd be in the Oval Office. So that's neat.

And then there was the White House Press Room. A couple of pictures here... First, there's me fielding questions (and in typical White House Press Room fashion, evading a concrete answer).

Then there's Laura standing in the same place, being much more normal, and not pretending she's the press secretary.

Also, Laura didn't have to stand on her tiptoes. (But I do look pretty sharp in that shirt/tie color combo, right?)(Ok, yes. Laura picked out my clothes that day...)

And finally, there's Helen Thomas' Press Room seat. You know it's hers because it has her name on it. As you might be able to tell from this picture, the Press Room is pretty much the equivalent of an old crappy run-down high school auditorium. Also, it's tiny. And I'm pretty sure those are coffee stains on Ms. Thomas' chair. And the Fox News chair also had stains, but I don't think they were coffee. Actually, they smelled kind of like urine... I'm just saying... But yeah, a pretty ugly room overall. No wonder the press is always so hard on the President.

Anyways, thus concludes my recap of the tour. Basically, it was awesome. And frankly, I'd love it if that were my office. Soon enough. Bwahahahaha!

No one bugs him if his oval office is a mess

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