Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Phickle Thoughts: Finals Edition

One week of hell done.

Yeah, that's right, we're in finals mode here. And you know what that means: yup, jackhammering outside of my apartment window. That's three years of law school and three years of jackhammering during finals. Man I love this city.

Yeah, that's right, we're in finals mode here. And you know what that means: yup, my freaking laptop starts having issues. Man, I love tradition. It just wouldn't be finals without construction and broken computers.

Fortunately this time it was just a spyware/virus issue (despite the fact that I was running 3 spyware/antivirus programs). Fortunately I was able to get it cleaned up by reformatting. But of course, that means I lost a lot of the stuff that I had on here. I backed up all the important data, and a lot of my music. But I lost all of my links, so if you have a blog or a live journal or something, please comment with a link so I can put you back into my favorites, and eventually get around to putting links back on my blog.

Speaking of other people's blogs, other people should put song quotes at the end of their posts. That way it'll remind me of good music that I need to get. Like how Emily just put up the lyrics to a song that I've been meaning to get, and now I have it. I mean, just putting up lyrics makes for a pretty crummy post, but putting lyrics at the end of a post... that's just awesome. People who do that are cool.

The past 4 days have blurred together so badly that my sense of time has really been thrown off. I've probably slept no more than 20 hours in the past 4 or 5 days. And I know for a fact that it hasn't ever been more than 4 hours straight. My sleep-cycle seems to be operating on an alternate-plane.

Mostly it got this messed up because of the two papers I had due yesterday (Monday). Both are about how we can improve the quality of health care in the U.S. (because it's frighteningly bad). One is a pretty comprehensive look at my theory, gives good background, and might be interesting to people not directly involved in this sort of quality improvement thing. The other one deals with medical malpractice and is kind of crappy, unless you're really into that sort of stuff. Also, I always worked on that one after I worked on the first one, which contributed to the crappiness a whole lot. If you're interested in checking them out, I can e-mail you a copy. mbnovaksju@yahoo.com

At one point I was actually in the library for almost 30 straight hours. I was able to catch a short nap, sprawled out across two easy chairs. But don't let the name deceive you - sleeping in those things was not easy. When I woke up after an hour I was really sore and felt completely out of joint. But not nearly as out of joint as this guy. (Highlarious).

After those last two sentences, I'd expect I'll get a lot more hits from pot-heads searching Google.

My papers ended up running a little long (but there wasn't really much I could cut either - maybe a page at most from each). The target number of pages for both papers combined was 41 (25+16). The total number of pages in the papers: 76 (47+29). Crazy, huh? That's almost a book. Which reminds me, if there are any publishers looking for a book on how to improve the quality of health care in America, I've got something you might be interested in...

One week of hell left.

Your check's signed in disappearing ink


the marvelous patric said...

Have you seen the new apple commercials?

Mac: "Hello, I'm a Mac"
PC: "And I'm a PC (sneezes)"
Mac: "Gesundheit, you ok?"
PC: "No, I'm not ok. I have that virus that's going around. "
Mac: "Oh Ya"
PC: "You better stay back, this one's a doosy"
Mac: "That's ok, I'll be fine"
PC: "No, no, do not be hero, last year there were 114,000 known viruses for PCs"
Mac: "PCs... not Macs"
PC: "I think I gotta crash (falls over)"
Mac: "If you think that'll help...

emnovak said...

thank you for the insult wrapped in a compliment. that was really intended as an insult during my very bad and depressing week. yeah-really lifted me up a lot

Matthew B. Novak said...

It wasn't meant to be either an insult or a compliment. It was a general observation - when people just put up songs as their posts they're not contributing anything of their own, thus making it almost a non-post. That's sort of crummy for those of us looking forward to reading new material. But it certainly isn't an insult. I'm not insulting someone when I observe that they didn't put up a post at all, and I'm not insulting someone when I observe that the post they put up didn't have any original material. It's just an observation.

And I'm sorry your week is going so bad. I can empathize.

Matthew B. Novak said...

Patric - Of course I've seen those commercials. Also, John Hodgman rocks, so they make for good commercials.

Also, nobody cares about Macs, and that's why they don't have viruses. If everyone switched over, they'd have 'em too. Stop talking about how great Macs are. Nobody cares, and that's the point. Metric sucks too. I'm less inclined to switch because people love their Macs so much.