Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wanna Know What I Like?

Philosophy. I think it's pretty darn good for figuring stuff out. Whether we're talking human nature generally or the way a person should act in a given situation. Anyone think there's any chance clinical philosophy could work? Would people pay to talk to a philosopher to help them figure out their life?

When he gets up under the lights to play his thing


the marvelous patric said...


what happened to what you hate???

we had a good discussion there! i actually conceded some points and so did you and we reached a consensus, more or less! dangit, that's historical!!

oh, and there was a new venture bros tonight. GO TEAM VENTURE!

Emily said...

A girl in my philosophy class last semester wanted to marry Socrates. HAHA

Matthew B. Novak said...

I took it down because I've been applying to jobs, and there's always a chance potential employers would try to find me, and see what my blog looks like. There have actually been an unusually high number of people coming to my site after simply googling my name... So I want to keep it as positive as possible, and that post could leave unfamiliarized persons with a bad taste in their mouth, and me without a job.

Sorry Patric. I really debated about whether or not I should take that one down. You know, and I know, and most regular Philosofickle readers know that this blog is about exactly that sort of exchange. But not every casual reader would know that. That's why I even put up my little sub-title deally, explaining the blog a little better.