Friday, August 11, 2006

Phickle Thoughts

So I haven't been blogging much lately. This is largely because most of the thinks I've thought to blog about over the last couple months have been very serious in nature, and I just haven't felt like engaging in a protracted (or even a brief) serious discussion. I guess the last couple months really sucked a lot of energy out of me, and I'm just starting to get it back now. Anyways, the next month or so might still be a little sparse, but after that you'll probably see them with more frequency.

For those who weren't aware of it, there's a new Rocky movie coming out: Rocky Balboa (click for the trailer). This one actually looks good. And, in my mind, looks an awful lot like the first one. I've never seen any besides the original, so I haven't been tainted by the needless sequels. Also, that's really helped preserve the integrity of the first one in my mind. I simply love Rocky. It really is one of the greatest American movies of all time. Hopefully this sequel comes through for us too.

For you baseball fans out there - and particularly you Twins fans - here's an amusing anecdote:

I was talking with my little brother (third grader) today, about the Twins. I asked him who his favorite player was. His response - and this is indicative of the power of hometown heroes - was: "you mean besides Joe Mauer?"

I loved it. Joe Mauer is simply the most natural ball player I've ever seen. But to top it all off, he's humble, he's gracious, he's got time for the fans, and he really knows and respects the game, the team, and the community. Playing in front of his hometown crowd, the kid is basically a slice out of Pleasantville-esque story. I don't know too many people in Minnesota who wouldn't name Joe Mauer as their favorite player. And he's only going to get bigger. That's pretty cool.

Finally, in response to that last post, I've started by doing some research. I'm really excited for the book I'm going to start on, and I think it's got a ton of potential. The research itself has been fascinating, and is opening up even more doors. I love it. (For those a little curious about the book, here's a clue, ripped right from my research).

Electrically they keep a baseball score


Reel Fanatic said...

I wouldn't have thought it possible, but judging from that trailer, it appears Sylvester Stallone does have at least one more great Rocky movie in his sights .. thank goodness!

Thinking Fool said...

Rocky II is better than the original Rocky. You should see it.

the marvelous patric said...

and rocky iii has the most homo-errotic slow-motion two men jogging down a beach in short-shorts scenes ever in the history of any movie that is technically not gay porn.

i think.


emnovak said...

is this the book you were telling me about?

Matthew B. Novak said...

Actually that was a different one Emily. I'm working on this one first, and that one will have to wait. My mind has been captured by a few different ideas lately, so that's why this new one is taking precedence