Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Possibly The Greatest Fishing Story Ever

Several years back, when Laura and I were dating, I would periodically send her letters, full of sweet romantic nothings and various tales of my exploits. This following story is taken, almost word-for-word, from one of those letters, which Laura graciously agreed to let me re-publish here on Philosofickle. Don't worry, it's just a tale of my misadventures, and not one of those romantic dalliances that filled the pages. I am also including, for your edification, photos of the illustrations which accompanied the letter (apologies for the low-quality of the pictures)(blogger is having some issues; you'll be able to open the full-sized images once it's fixed). Here for you now, is Possibly The Greatest Fishing Story Ever:

I was on the bridge out to Watab Island, fishing away. I was standing about 4/5ths of the way out to the island (Figure 1).

Figure 1

I was using a new spinner-hook-thingy, and having absolutely no success. I wasn't catching a thing. This futility went on for half an hour or so (Figure 2).

Figure 2

During this whole time (Figure 2), a little squirrel was playing on the bridge. The squirrel kept coming really close to me, looking at me, turning around, etc. Sort-of playing with me. It was cute. And fun.

Well, finally, I got fed up of not catching anything. So I quit using my spinner, went up onto the island, dug around in the ground with a stick, and found a worm. I put that on my hook, cast my line out into the water and BAM! - my whole line came flying off the spool, and got into a huge tangle (Figure 3).

Figure 3

So there I am, working out this huge tangle, with my line hanging in the water, when suddenly I got a bite! This being the first bite I'd had in about 5 years I just decided to go with it, and pulled the line up, hand over hand. There was a little sunny on the end of the line. I released it and said to myself, "to heck with this tangle, I'm fishing!" So then I just picked up my hook and bobber, and threw them into the water. And I got another bite right away! Hand over hand, I pulled in a little perch. I released it too. In the process though, my line had gotten even more tangled, so in order to get enough line to throw it into the water, I had to take the spool off the reel, and pull more line off of it. After doing this, I set the spool next to my pole, on the wooden bridge, and proceeded to fish.

After a minute or so, I heard a huge commotion coming down the bridge. I turned and saw the squirrel, plus a second squirrel, charging at me! It was horrifying! Fangs barred, claws at the ready, they came at me at full speed. They were evil squirrels (Figure 4). And they scared the crap out of me.

Figure 4

Well, they finally stopped charging, coming to a halt about a foot away from me. Then, after taking a few quick glances around, one of the squirrels moved over towards my spool, which was sitting on the bridge, and proceeded to push the spool a couple of inches, into a large knot-hole in the bridge.

Splunk! Into the water the spool went, the line rolling completely off as the spool sank to the bottom. The stupid squirrels sabotaged my fishing trip! Now I have to buy a new pole. It was so weird. So surreal.

Well that water's right and the weather's perfect
There's no telling what I might catch today


Lady said...

hehe, good story, but what prompted it???

Kajsa said...

Brad Paisley, "I'm Gonna Miss Her"

Great story

Gina said...

I liked the pictures of the evil squirrels the best.

Matthew B. Novak said...

Yeah, that one's pretty representative of what they actually looked like. I might as well have taken a picture.

joel. said...

You know, you spent your last year and half on campus living with an art major...

Victoria said...

I wonder if those squirrels were related to the two that charged me coming out of the computer lab by the reef one day. They sure look the same.