Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Are, or, The Scourge of the High Seas, Not the National League Central

For those of you who weren't aware, today, September 19th, was the internationally recognized "Talk Like A Pirate Day". Seriously.

I wasn't aware there even was such a day until a few weeks ago, when my friend Stephanie invited Laura and me to a party celebrating the day. As is the custom with most parties, this one was held on the weekend - this past Saturday actually.

Laura and I were excited to go and dip our cups into traditional pirate grog and receive our actual pirate names (I was Shark-Tooth Pete, she was Rose Rose), but it turned out there was a strict dress code for the evening; we all had to dress like pirates. So we dug through our clothes, and realized we didn't really have anything too piratey. Now, we're not big on getting dressed up unless we're going to go all out (those of you who Rocky Horrored it with me know exactly what I'm talking about). But we didn't really want to invest a ton of money into pirate costumes.

But then, as we pondered this dilemma, a brilliant solution struck! A few bandanas, a couple T-shirts, a handful of makeup, a black magic marker, and... Viola! Perfectly legitimate (albeit pun-filled) pirate costumes! I offer the following pirate costume fashion show for your review:

Here is Laura, modeling the traditional pirate head-wear and eye patch. She'll be the terror - and envy - of the Seven Seas when she wears her stylish Pirate "Boo"-T. (Also available in "May").

No one knows how to accessorize better than Matt, seen here carrying one of his doubloons. A closer look reveals the fine detailing in his buccaneer facial trauma, and of course, what pirate would be complete without a little pear-rot on his shoulder?

And finally, Laura shows off a somewhat toothy grin, as she holds out a picture of our evening's mascot. A π-rat.

And I don't look good in leggings


joel. said...

Make the puns stop! Oh, Lord, it hurts to read!

Ben said...

You had me at "pi-rat." HiLARious.

Lady said...


Kajsa said...


Kajsa said...

...and we've never been to Boston in the fall.

(Sorry, just got it - appropriate choice)