Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Phickle Thoughts

A whole hodgepodge of ideas here; if you don't like one, read through some of the others, maybe they'll click for you:

I love researching my book. There are so many cool things out there that I never knew about. I have learned so much, it's unbelievable. A big thanks to everyone who tossed an idea my way. Especially Luka - thanks buddy. Anyways, that's progressing. Slowly. I won't be ready to write for quite a while, but some of the ideas are really coming together nicely.


This has been an amazing baseball season in the American League Central. 3 teams vying for 2 playoff spots, amazing rookie performances, break-out seasons, pitching, hitting, fielding - the AL Central has got it all. If you haven't been following at least one of the teams: Twins, Tigers, or White Sox, shame on you. If you're a NY or Boston person, and you can't name more than 3 people on either team, shame on you. Learn about these players; because they're awesome. It's going to be a fantastic final 3 weeks.


I said it once before, and I'm going to say it again, before I'm too far removed from being in school:

I absolutely hate it when a campus signs an exclusive contract with only one soft drink provider. When you can't get certain types of pop on your campus it's a huge bring-down. Let's face it: Cherry Coke is the single greatest kind of pop. But Pepsi is generally better than Coke in the cola realm, and Mt. Dew is a necessary supplement. Coke probably has the edge in the root beer, and I think it's a toss up between Sierra Mist and Sprite. Toss in Dr. Pepper (affiliated with Pepsi), and its clear you need both types of pop on campus.

So why do they do it? Money, I'm told. But I don't even know if that really makes sense. My undergraduate didn't have an exclusive contract with either, and I'm pretty sure the smaller amount they got in 2 contracts came pretty close to off-setting the single exclusivity contract. At least, I'd have to imagine it came pretty close - otherwise, wouldn't they also have an exclusive contract? Maybe not. Maybe SJU just cared enough about their students to bring them all the sodas of the rainbow.

Anyways, I think exclusive pop contracts should be outlawed.


When I eat raisin bran I pick out the raisins.


You know what else I hate? Expensive, fancy pet food. The other day I saw this commercial for "restaurant-inspired cat food". Basically, it was a commercial selling the idea that you should feed your pet cat like a wealthy socialites.

And to me, that's just ridiculous. Now, I'm not a pet person. Never really have been. I just don't get the big appeal of pets. But that's just me. I've got no problems with other people having, enjoying, or loving their pets. I figure it's probably like the big family thing - I know the value of a big family, because I've experienced it. It's hard to put into words that can make someone else really feel the same way. Other people, who have experienced the value of pets, obviously get that. I just don't. No biggie.

But I really think it can go too far. I mean, there's all sorts of stories about pets being pampered in ridiculous ways - dog houses that cost a small fortune, plastic surgery, pet psychologists and therapists, etc. - and I think this whole "restaurant-inspired cat food" thing is another painful step in this direction. It's just too much. Of course, worse still is the actual restaurant-for-pets. (Oh, they exist). I mean, why does a cat need to eat salmon prepared by a chef when it can fill up on just-as-nutritious, not-nearly-as-expensive options?

I guess ultimately I just have a lot of trouble when people treat their animals better than they treat people.

Of course, I guess I don't actually know anyone who does that. Maybe these people aren't real? We can all hope.


And, to head out on a pleasant note, I'd like to alert everyone that the final season of Arrested Development is now available. It's hilarious. Get it. Along with the first two seasons, if you don't already own them.

Hmm, maybe that's not a pleasant note, seeing as these are the final episodes of a show that should still be running... well... um, that's all I've got. Sorry folks.


Oh wait! I thought of one! Go here and download the song that's called "Don't Download This Song." Man, I love Weird Al.

Don't download this song
Even Lars Ulrich knows it's wrong


Alan said...

you might be asked to leave if you're drinking a coke in the student center here, or eating anything besides campus food for that matter.

Eric Michael Peterson said...

There are two ways that you can go with the soda thing. Offering both brings in more revenue for your food service, but a single contract offers less money for food, but financial benefits elsewhere. UST is a Pepsi School so once a year Pepsi gives us funding to pay for all sorts of things outside of food service. Examples are: new TV’s, furniture, vacuums, and things to be painted. Basically anyone can put a request through for the funding and a comity decides which ones get granted.

So the one-sided contract is nice for giving us some extra money to provide things across campus that would not otherwise be allowed for within yearly budget constraints.

But it does blow when you want a cherry coke.

emnovak said...

eric, it's committee. just fyi.
I like sprite more than sierra mist, so it's good to have coke products, but i love dr. pepper also, so it's good to have pepsi products. luckily, my school carries both so i don't really have to worry about it. except when i eat at eric's school.

Eric Michael Peterson said...

Yeah spell check and I are in a love hate relationship right now...

Greg said...

As a root beer kind of guy (as well as pretty much all sodas), I must make some corrections. First, Dr. Pepper is owned by neither Coke, nor Pepsi. They are owned by Cadbury Schwepps, the same people who make the delightful easter egg candies. That company also owns 7up and A&W Root Beer, as well as various lesser known sodas (RC, Sunkist, Yoo-Hoo, and Stewart's, for example). They contract out their bottling to Coke, Pepsi, as well as other companies. I believe it's roughly even between the 3 sections.

Coke owns Barq's, and Pepsi owns Mug. I agree that Barq's is a lot better than Mug. But real root beer comes in a glass bottle. Consider yourself lucky if you can find a bottle of Frostie. Quality beverage. Weinhard's is also pretty good, although it can get very foamy. Frostop is also good, even though it comes in a plastic bottle.

With that out of the way, on to baseball. Heck of a game tonight, I think. A 4 run 8th inning, including Tyner stealing 1st and Morneau getting home. A technical question: Does that count as an RBI?

Matthew B. Novak said...

First off, I didn't mean to imply that Dr. Pepper was owned by Pepsi, only that it is affiliated with Pepsi, by which I mean that more often than not, Pepsi distributors (and not Coke distributors) include Dr. Pepper as an option.

Second, that did not count as an RBI. If it had simply been a wild pitch, I think it would have (if I'm wrong on that, someone please correct me), but because it was also a strike-out, Tyner didn't get credit for the run.

First Year said...

Just found your site through Thinking Fool, just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying the read, though its going to take a looong time to read all those archives :)


emnovak said...

everyone knows ibc root beer is the best.

Greg said...

IBC is good, I'll give you that. I'll also say that at many fine grocery stores, it is one of the best they carry. But if you can get your hands on some of the high quality root beer out there, you may change your mind. I think of IBC as an intro to high quality root beer. I think that any root beer made in a brewery is usually of high quality. Examples of this are Weinhard's and Goose Island. Both are high quality. Goose Island is made with pure cane sugar, no corn syrup like IBC and all. You can taste the difference there. Weinhard's isn't for everyone. It's pretty foamy, and if you aren't careful, it'll blow up. It has a rich flavor, if you can get through the foam. Try some Goose Island side by side with IBC, just for kicks. You can pick booth up at Target.

Sorry if I've hijacked this thread, but I couldn't let a comment like that slide by. :)

Matthew B. Novak said...

No, no, that's cool. I'm fascinated.

CAL said...

If you're going to pick the raisins out, why don't you just eat Wheaties?

Matthew B. Novak said...

Because I have a wife who eats Raisin Bran.

emnovak said...

the raisins are what make it taste better.

btnovak said...

stil kicking