Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Phickle Thoughts

Like I've said before, I'm not writing about work on this blog. That's just silly, since only bad can come of it. I know that there are some people out there who want to hear about my job, but sorry, I just can't risk talking about it on here.

That being said, I love my job!

I've been there for about 6 weeks. I actually have my own clients and my own caseload. I've been to court a couple of times already. I've got two more cases this week. My experience has been growing by leaps and bounds, and it's just going to keep on keeping on.

I'm doing all sorts of consumer and housing issues, and eventually I might branch into family law and elder law as well. I'm not going to get any more specific about any individual cases, but there have been some wonderful fact patterns that have walked through the door, and I'm really excited to continue working for my clients.

Unfortunately, I dare not say any more. But for those who are wondering, work is great.


I'm trying to start a reading group for a new book I recently purchased: Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day. For those who don't know, Pynchon is one of the greatest living writers, an American with an amazing ability for alliteration (hehe). No, I don't know if he uses alliteration all that often, but he writes the most colorful, brilliant prose I've ever come across. He's sublime and hilarious and imaginative and seditious and I'm running out of adjectives. I've previously read his book V. and I'm currently working on The Crying of Lot 49, (a short little novel) as a primer for Against the Day.

If anyone is interested in reading a good book, I'd recommend Pynchon. They're not the easiest read, but the payoff is huge. Grisham's fine from time to time, but Pynchon is where it's at.

And if there is anyone out there interested in reading Against the Day (and specifically anyone in the D.C. area), let me know, and you can hook up with our reading group, or at very least have someone to talk about the book with.


Any good movies out there right now?


If for some reason or other you're thinking about/obligated to get me a Christmas gift, classic movies would be wonderful. Also nifty little toys for my desk - like those clacky ball things - are nice. Or Boggle. I like Boggle. I can't think of anything else though. So basically, if you're planning/obligated to get me anything, think of it yourself. That'll make it better anyways.


I appreciate the humor in the fact that blogger's spell check doesn't recognize the word 'blog', but at this point it's just starting to get annoying. Seriously Blogger, get on that.

And while your head is spinning
Hold tight, it's just beginning


Lady said...

You life sounds good. i wrote a blog.. check it out

the marvelous patric said...

livejournal's spellcheck doesn't recognize blog either. it's not just your service. grrr.
glad work is well.

emnovak said...

first of all, there are a ton of great movies out. Or at least they look worth seeing to me. A Good Year, with Russel Crowe, Deja Vu with Denzel Washington, Babel, if you like Bond then Casino Royale, and next week Blood Diamond and The Holiday come out, The Holiday more for those who like romantic comedy and Blood Diamond looks awesome-Eric and I are planning on seeing it. Also The Good Shepherd with Matt Damon. I'd especially recommend A Good Year and Blood Diamond though.

Second, I love Boggle! Gina and I used to play it all the time, like one whole summer straight once. I was just thinking about it today too, and wondering if I should ask anybody for it for Christmas! That's awesome. If you get it you and me and Gina will have to play. Eric and Josh both hate it so we never have anyone to play it with.

Matthew B. Novak said...

First off, A Good Year got horrible reviews, and looks tremendously boring.

Blood Diamond, I'm still not sold on, and same with Babel... both look like they're trying too hard to be the super-dramatic movie, and that just doesn't appeal to me; Diamond might have some real action, but mostly when previews consist of people yelling a lot, I don't want to go see that movie. Deja Vu just looks like a bad cross between Groundhog's Day, Minority Report, and Arlington Road. No thanks. The Holiday, I'm almost ashamed to say, seems to be the most appealing of all the movies you listed... Oh, and The Good Shepard. Matt Damon is a dreamboat!

Regardless of whether I actually get Boggle for Christmas or not, we're playing Boggle over break.

emnovak said...

you'll probably beat me. but i don't care. besides, screw reviews. I've gone to great movies with crappy reviews, so now I pretty much ignore them. The Good Shepherd is actually probably second to last on that list (deja vu is last, but i still think it looks interesting). You're right though, Matt Damon is a dreamboat. :)