Monday, December 18, 2006

Undeliverable: The Server Could Not Find the Following Address

I've been putting together our Christmas cards over the last couple of evenings. We're just sending out a small batch to our relatives. As I was addressing the envelopes I realized that we didn't have the latest address for some of my uncles. So I wrote the name on the envelope, filled out the return address, and put on a stamp, but left the rest of the envelopes blank until I got a chance to get the right contact information from home.

Today I called home and got the addresses. Except, unfortunately, they didn't have all of the addresses either, so one of my cards was left with just the name on the front.

I then decided, since it's the week of Christmas and all, that it might be a great idea to gather up all the finished cards, hike myself over to the post office, and drop them in the mailbox. Only, as I discovered when I got back to my office, I didn't just mail out all the finished cards; I mailed out all the cards.

Which means that today I mailed a card from Matt and Laura, 1515 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Apt. 723, Arlington, VA 22202, and to "Bernie and Tammy."

Last week I had the strangest dream
Where everything was exactly how it seemed


Greg said...

That happened to my brother Ben when he was little, only it was addressed to his friend Danny who lived down the street. My brother planned to deliver it by hand. As it happens, Danny's dad worked at the post office. We decided that they should know who Danny is, and should have just given it to his dad. It happens. Well done!

Emily R Powell said...

Sleeping In--The Postal Service.
Very appropriate :)
Have a Merry Christmas, Matt!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, the post office will send it to Santa Claus.

CAL said...

Hey, well at least you sent out some cards. We might get to that before Christmas. And if we don't, a New Year's greeting is nice too.

the marvelous patric said...

i'm a horrible person. i don't send cards.

every year, i think about it. i think about who i'd send to. i even think about taking a photo with dexter and making a funny card. then, i think about how i'd have to gather addresses, write down the addresses (possibly twice... once on the card, once in my address book... which means i'd have to get an address book...) buy stamps, stick the stamps, and then walk dexter out to the mailbox and mail them.

then i realize that i don't really have that many friends, so screw 'em.

which may, in fact, be the reason why i don't have many friends.

emnovak said...

dang it I totally knew the song.

CAL said...

Okay, when I first read this blog, I thought, "what a dupas; but it makes a good story." Then, yesterday, I did the SAME THING! Only I didn't have a return address on the envelope. I didn't have Rock and Laurel's address, so I wanted to hold that card out, but I didn't have enough stamps to send all my cards, so I had about 8 that were sitting there with no stamps (Rock's included). When I got the stamps, I put them on all the envelopes and took them to the mailbox (so efficient). As I was driving Anna to her Dr. appt. at the U, I realized that Rock's card was with the rest, and I couldn't even call home and ask someone to go out to the mailbox and retrieve it because I forgot my phone (still plugged in to the charger).

I was telling the kids about this later in the day, and they said, "Well, the mailman isn't supposed to pick up mail improperly addressed." Like I'm sure he/she has time to go through the volume of mail at each stop during the Christmas season!