Friday, January 05, 2007

Bird on A [Yellow] Wire. [No, Red. Wait. Yellow. Yes, Yellow.]

When you buy wire, how many colors do you buy?

Probably just one.

So why is it that in the movies the bomb squad is always debating which color wire to cut?

Points for the song.

Na na naaa
Na na naaa
Na na naaa
Doot Doot


Emily R Powell said...

Good question.
Mission Impossible.

Greg said...

Perhaps the bomb makers know that color coding of wires makes for better servicing.Then again, it seems logical that they would not want their bombs to be serviced.

Perhaps those bombs are assembled on assembly lines by relatively uneducated people who only follow simple instructions, and need the wires to be color coded for quality assurance.

It may also be that the bomb maker saw a colored diagram, and not having a good knowledge of how electricity works, assumed that only red wires would work for some connections, and blue would work for others, etc.

I suppose it could also be that the bomb maker wanted to be sure that he was doing it right so as to avoid detonating the bomb while he was assembling it, and used colored wire to be sure that he was doing it correctly.

The most logical answer is that it is a movie, and it adds to the suspense, and it is easier to understand than asking if he should cut the wire that is attached to the explosives, the one attached to the continuum transfunctioner, or the one attached to the flux capacitor. But I bet that's not the answer you're looking for.

Emily R Powell said...

I'm not making any promises, but I'll try. And no, I haven't. He hasn't been teaching anything I could take, but maybe next year.