Friday, January 12, 2007

Supremely Yummy

Last night Laura and I took advantage of the fact that it is Restaurant Week here in D.C. Restaurant Week is a designated week when all the fancy expensive restaurants offer a 3-course meal at a significantly reduced price so that normal folks can afford to experience some amazing dining. The restaurants set a fixed menu with a couple of options each for the first course, second course, and dessert. Laura had a bouillabaisse and I had duck confit. It was all great food. Some of the best I've ever eaten (there was this steak on our honeymoon... I sincerely doubt anything will ever be better than that steak... mmmmm... oh great, now I've got drool on my keyboard).

It was a really great experience, getting to eat at one of the restaurants where the D.C. movers and shakers regularly dine.

To top it all off, just before we left, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia walked in the door, right past our table, and was led to one of the prime spots in the restaurant. That was pretty cool. We notice that he appeared to be drinking a martini. I also noticed that he sat facing the door, with his back to the wall. Sicilians...

Your checks are in disappearing ink


emnovak said...

so are you guys going to a new restaurant every day then or something?

avjurek said...

Are you telling me that you are not a mover and a shaker out there in D.C. land Matt? If not why be there? This is your big cousin Andrew. How are you doing? How is married life? Give me a holler back. Adios.