Friday, January 26, 2007

This Explains The Lack Of New Posts

The thing is, my computes ae boken. M laptop is having the a/c adapte fixed and the keboad on m desktop has buttons malfunctioning. Wheneve I tpe the lette afte "q" o the lette befo "z" the whole dang thing shutsdown and hibenates. So fo every lette afte "q" or lette befo "z" that I type this thing stops woking and I need to power it back on (so 4 times in this past sentence!). It is ve fustating.

Once I have a woking compute I will post moe. I promise. Dangit! Thee I go again!



emnovak said...

are you serious? if you are, i'm sorry, because i laughed through this entire post.

Luka said...

I'm sorry, i shouldn't be laughing. Its just that there's soooo much comedic value to your broken keyboard, and the resulting spelling. Hope it gets fixed soon. I can sympathize because I have a broken computer at home too.

joel. said...

You should try IMing with him. It didn't go well.

Anonymous said...

bS said:

does IMing with him ever go well?