Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Phickle Thoughts

My little sister was in town all last week, which helps explain the dearth of posts. She saw pretty much all of the sites in D.C., including, but not limited to: Ben's Chili Bowl, Five Guys, This Awesome Thai Restaurant Just Down The Street From Our Apartment, a Hot Dog Vendor, and My Very Yummy Fajitas. Oh, and most of the Smithsonian Museums, all the major monuments and memorials (though none of them currently had water in them, severely reducing the appeal of the FDR, the WWII, and the Reflecting Pool), the art museums, Archives, Arlington Cemetery, the Holocaust Museum, and the Zoo. I was able to go with her to a good number of them, including the zoo, where we saw a hippo!

Laura and I love having guests out, and seeing the sights with them. After I came back from my study abroad trip I really missed the grandeur and history of Athens and Rome,
with all of their famous landmarks and cultural destinations. A big reason for my choosing to come to D.C. was the fact that it has some of that same feel as those great cities. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean I always get out to experience that. Having guests provides a wonderful opportunity for reacquainting myself with what brought me here in the first place.


You haven't seen a movie review on here in a long, long time. Hopefully that'll change starting about May 4th. Because this summer there are so many freaking movies that I cannot wait to see.


Work has been going quite well. I haven't had any more trials lately, but that's largely because over the past 3 weeks, whenever one is approaching I've been able to convince the adverse parties to non-suit (voluntarily dismiss the case). Usually that doesn't take too much work, since the attorneys here are, for the most part, extremely genial, and once you're able to flesh out the facts in your client's favor they can see the writing on the wall. A good part of that is because landlord/tenant law is relatively cut and dry. Of course, there are those attorneys who are more than happy to make your life difficult, and the occasional grey area of law comes up from time to time, which keeps things from getting too dull.


Finally, today I read a tragic
news item. It seems the President of Uganda follows the "George W. Bush" school of thought when it comes to the environment. Under President Yoweri Museveni the government of Uganda has approved - or is in the process of finalizing approval - of tearing down 7,000 hectares of a specially designated rainforest preserve and turning it into fields for sugar cane farming. Of course, pretty much every civilized country is guilty of forsaking the the environment for corporate greed, so this isn't particularly surprising. That doesn't reduce the tragedy though. The decision to prize a few extra sugar cane plants/drums of oil over an entire ecosystem demonstrates a serious intellectual - and moral - shortcoming. Which helps explain this quote from Museveni: "It is easier to relocate the forest by planting trees elsewhere than to relocate a factory."

I don't even know where to start...

Triple points for the song.

And the island of Tangiers,
I've dreamed about for years


Kendrick Novak said...

Just so everyone out there that doesn't know science and can't convert things easily, 7,000 hectares (ha) is approximately 17,500 acres (2.5 acres to a ha) and an acre is about a football field in size. In other words it is a lot of land.

Alan said...


Matthew B. Novak said...

Did you actually know that Alan, or did you just look it up? Also, that's only the artist, so only half of the triple points until you name the actual song too.

Luka said...

Having not met most of your clan, which sister was this, and which is she in order?

Have you seen all these sights at least once before?

Matthew B. Novak said...

It was Theresa, #5, who is a sophmore in college.

Yes, I'd seen all of the sites before, except for the National Portrait and American Art Gallery, which was closed until sometime last summer.

Alan said...

Hippopotamus Rock - being an art student introduces you to a lot of interesting things

Matthew B. Novak said...

Apparently. Full triple points to Alan.

Joel said...

Being an art student does what?