Thursday, March 01, 2007

Squeekin' A

Anyone with any interested in the idea of web comics, or anyone who reads comics online, or anyone who's ever read Freaks N Squeeks, should check out this interview.

I've been a big advocate of this comic for quite some time now. Sure, I know the writer, but that's just how I came to the strip. It's really quite excellent work; the comic is funny, it's timely, and it's free! Despite the fact that the strip is about mice, with Freaks N Squeeks, Patric Lewandowski has staked himself a piece of land from which there is a brilliant and humorously askew view of humanity.

Oh, and Patric, if you ever want to use that quote on a jacket cover, you can.

See how they run
See how they run

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joel. said...

My current favorite web comic is xkcd. It doesn't stand for anything and isn't pronounceable, but it's freaking hilarious. There's an abundance of material aimed at the physics/math/computer geek, but the vast majority is good for those who have no idea what the identity matrix does...