Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Vote For The Good Guy!

Hey you! Yes you there! The one reading this blog! Go vote for Pat Neshek in the All-Star Game's "Final Vote". It's a chance for us fans to elect one last deserving player into the All-Star Game. And Neshek is supremely deserving. First, because he has his own blog, and was one of the first pro-ball players to do so (Curt Schilling is a thief). Second, because he is a Twins player, and therefore one of the good guys. Third, because he's from Minnesota, and grew up just across the river from me, and therefore is one of the good guys. And fourth, because he's just a generally good guy.

Oh, and because he's promised to reward fans with as much insider-info as he can about the All-Star experience. Oh, and because if you send him a ball or card, he'll autograph it for you, no problem. Oh, and because he's pretty much the ultimate "living the dream/fan of the game guy," and he still collects baseball cards and autographs and the like.

The bottom line? It is your moral obligation to go to MLB.com, click on the "Final Vote" links, and vote for Neshek. As many times as you'd like (it's unlimited voting, so the more, the better). And if you don't?

Why, then you're just a scumbag.


emnovak said...

I heard about this on the radio this morning on K102, and I was thinking I should do it and then I forgot, so thanks for reminding me!

emnovak said...

Crap I think I missed it.

Anonymous said...

I retracted my votes after he gave up that homerun today.

Ben said...

On an entirely unrelated note, I'd be VERY curious to hear what your thoughts are about this:


dyk said...

I got a hit off of Pat Neshek in Regions in High School. I'm not sure why I remembered him specifically. I don't remember any of the other pitchers I got hits off of (and there were others). Probably because he was one of the best pitchers around at the time. And his name has that cool ring to it.