Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tea Vea

I don't think I can be fairly characterized as a couch potato, though I've got a handful of T.V. shows that I watch pretty regularly. After the first two weeks of this new season, I'm thinking of adding two new shows to my list. That sounds like a lot, but since they're both on the same night, and they sandwich another show that I watch, it really isn't nearly as bad as it sounds.

The two shows are Chuck and Journeyman. Both are on NBC, on opposite sides of Heroes. Coming into this season I was actually thinking that I might not even watch Heroes, but I've found it to be fairly compelling again. Not nearly as strong a start as last season, but not as weak as it finished up either. Chuck and Journeyman both seem like nice compliments. They're kind of fun, with compelling characters and interesting storylines. I can see how Journeyman will wear thin pretty quick, and I'll probably give up on it before too long. But Chuck strikes me as what will probably be one of this year's biggest hits. If you haven't seen it yet, I would strongly recommend checking it out.

While I'm on the subject, are there any other new shows that people would recommend? Recommend avoiding?

Speaking of shows to avoid, tonight I decided I'd watch the pilot episode of Caveman. NOT because I thought the show had any appeal, but rather because it can be fun to watch a train wreck.

And what a wreck! It was just like the commercials, only stripped of the irritating, in-your-face, faux-edginess. Apparently they chose to replace it with bland, banal dialogue. They removed the cringe-factor from the commercials, which were wince-inducing bad. Outside of The Office, wincing isn't something you generally want your audience to do in response to your show, which probably made this a good decision. And yet, without the cringe-factor, there's absolutely nothing to go on. Basing a show on nothing was a bad decision. Truth be told, because they give you something to hate, the commercials are actually superior to the show.

The highlight of the show was that the Wii characters that the cavemen were playing with looked kind of like the cavemen. That was the only thing about the whole show that caused any reaction at all. It was the most boring, bland, mind-numbing half hour of television I've ever seen. And I once caught an episode of Two and a Half Men, so that's saying something.

Oh, and don't worry - if the Nielsen folks had called, I would have lied about watching it.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Commercials are some of the finest art being crafted in America.

Of course, they're also some of the crappiest pieces of skunk dung you can find (see: Cavemen, Geico).

Finally, I get a ton of my music from T.V. Commercials are frequently using excellent songs to hawk product. And it works, if the product they're pushing is the song.

I also very much appreciate when actual shows take the time to utilize great music. Scrubs is excellent for this. I'm hopeful that Chuck will be too. Last night they featured 3 songs prominently. "Don't Make Me a Target" from the new Spoon album (which I recently purchased and highly recommend), "Challengers" from the new New Pornographers album (which I recently purchased and highly recommend), and "Gone Daddy Gone" by either Gnarls Barkley or The Violent Femmes (I don't know which version they used). All excellent songs. Check 'em out if you don't already know them.

And Chuck too. A big fat recommendation for a fun show with excellent music.

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Luka said...

I watched Chuck and Journeyman as well. I really liked Kevin McKidd in Rome. He seems pretty good here too. This is some kind of mix of quantum leap with I don't know what else. So far its decent, but it could become pretty stale unless the writers are really good. I'll give it a few weeks to find a groove.

As for Chuck:
I think Adam Baldwin's role in Firefly was fantastic, and he has great potential here too. The problem for me is that the premise was a little to stupid, but it could work well. The characters are decent enough.

I just saw "The Big Bang Theory". That is the geekiest humor I have seen to date, but hilarious. Watch at your own peril.

I didn't watch any TV since the last Heroes season, and watching more than 1 show makes me feel kinda couch-potato-y. And on that note, I also caught House last night. I'm not sure if the new season will be worth watching, but I'll give it a shot.