Monday, January 14, 2008

Phickle Thoughts

Restaurant Week! Woo! Gonna eat good food tomorrow!
This past weekend we went to the Health and Fitness Expo. Saw some pretty interesting exhibits. A chef trying to cook "healthy" rice krispy bars. She didn't sell it at all. Worst live cooking experience I've ever seen. Also the best one.
We also saw two excellent movies: Juno and There Will Be Blood. Both were, as I said, excellent. Juno was quick and witty and a really hopeful, realistic take on teen pregnancy. The soundtrack was a little flat and boring, but that's not much of a detraction. And J.K. Simmons and Allison Janney were perfect as the parents. A riot.

There Will Be Blood was amazing. Simply powerful. Probably the best drama I've seen since American Beauty. The acting was superb, and this movie deserves to win all the awards. Daniel Day Lewis gives a flawless performance. It's been compared to Citizen Kane, which I've unfortunately never seen. I think though, like Citizen Kane, this is a movie time will favor mre than immediate critical consensus. Kane and Blood were both recognized as brilliant but flawed films. Over time, Kane has come to be seen as one of the best movies ever made, and I wonder if Blood will get the same treatment. I'm not calling it one of history's best just yet, but with some time and reflection and further viewings, it just might make it there.
Finally, in response to an anonomous comment on my last post:

Yes. I do still watch SNL. If I'm not doing anything on a Saturday night, I often sit down and catch the show. A couple points need to be made in response to your criticism.
1. Since Seth Meyers became head writer, the show has gotten funnier.
2. While some segments show up on YouTube, you're still missing out on some gold. And YouTube never does segments of anything justice. Watching a clip isn't as rewarding as watching a full show that has that clip in it.
3. There's something to be said for discovering artistic gold on your own. You say that watch what YouTube makes popular. Do you also listen to just Top 40 music? Do you only enjoy movies once they've achieved box office success? Probably not. Catching SNL clips on YouTube is like exposing yourself to only those artistic works that populism have deemed worth the time. But so much slips through the cracks. I often enjoy the stuff put up on YouTube, but I also often enjoy SNL on its own. Discovering what is good on my own is a more rewarding way of living.
4. Finally, and quite obviously, it is a good thing that people expose themselves to originals: how else would the rest of us catch the best stuff out there?

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Ben said...

Can you think of any other way to phrase it than saying you "expose yourself" to artistic works? That only brings to mind someone committing lewd behavior before the Mona Lisa. And that's not an image I want in my head!