Friday, February 15, 2008

Overstating Obama

Following up on the earlier post about Obama, I'm gonna link to this op ed at The Washington Post. It's obviously coming from someone who isn't an Obama supporter, and I think it probably overstates the case against Obama, however, there are certainly some valid points in the article. To some extent, it reflects some of my fears about Obama. I'd be interested in what others think.

Startin' soft and slow, like a small earthquake
And when he lets go, half the valley shakes


patric said...

-1 troll.

Jeff said...

I'd rather have Obama's greenness than McCain's psychosis. With Obama, we can *hope* that there won't be a war. With McCain, we can pretty much guarantee we'll be invading somebody somewhere.

patric said...

anyone else think the song for the obama posts should be from "James K. Polk"?

Mike said...

Yeah, I read that article last week. I tend to disagree with just about everything Krauthammer says, and I pretty much do so here, though I agree that Obama's making quite the laundry list of promises. We'll see. All I really ask of a President is oratory, pragmatism, and (most importantly) the ability to surround himself with people of integrity and disparate viewpoints (as opposed to liars and yes-men).

As far as experience, I refer you to a quote from George Will's op-ed today (February 21), as reposted on (cue shameless self-promotion) my blog.