Thursday, February 14, 2008

Phickle Thoughts

I saw the movie Stardust. On Emily's recommendation. Loved it. It's like The Princess Bride, only not, you know, for eight year-olds.
Pitchers and catchers report! Baseball is here! Grown men and 8-year-olds alike turn their attention to Florida and Arizona, full of anticipation. I'm looking forward to a fun season (though it'll be with a sadly Santana-less Twins.) Does the Santana trade mean that Nathan gets promoted to President?
I was able to catch a little bit of the Roger Clemens hearings. They were somewhat fascinating theater. For about 10 minutes. After that it felt like two eight-year-olds who'd gotten in a fight, each telling exaggerated stories, trying to tip the judgment in their favor. I say we just give 'em both (McNamee and Clemens) a time out (small slap on the wrist) and then put in The Princess Bride. That oughtta shut 'em up.
Once upon a time I had a rare level of contempt for Valentine's day. Long story short, my position was that you shouldn't need Valentine's day to be romantic, and that, because it was cliche and conformist, being romantic on Valentine's day was decidedly unromantic.

My position has shifted slightly towards conformity. I now acknowledge that Valentine's day has a place. There was something I missed before, that I've since come to realize: the more regular days you have together, the harder it is to keep up with being romantic. When we were dating, I didn't see my (then) girlfriend with the frequency that I see my (now) wife. And, I worked especially hard at being romantic, and I tried to do sweet things for her with some frequency.

We can express these days as a ratio, X:Y, with X being romantic days, and Y being total days. Given the relatively low number of days (Y), I didn't necessarily have to do a ton of sweet things (X) to maintain a healthy balance to the "romance ratio". Upon getting married, Y increased signficantly, meaning that in order to keep speed, X also needed to increase. At first, this wasn't such a problem, given such and such and I'llsaynomoreIthankyoutokeepyourmindoutofthegutter. I've now come to realize that having a scheduled day of "romance" is a great way to help increase X. Valentine's day still isn't real romance, but it is a great excuse to go out of your way to be sweet to one another. So without having to waste any of my good romance ideas, I still get credit for another X day. In that way, Valentines is like a freebie. Keeping the romance ratio can be a difficult task, and the extra X helps maintain the balance.

And there you have it, a somewhat mathematical reason for not condeming Valentines.

Overall though, like an eight-year-old, I still like it most for the candy.
Once upon a time, I made a movie. Well, I've made a couple movies. But the first one that I wrote and directed all by myself* was a short film that I made my senior year of college. A copy or two have been floating around for some time, and I have to thank Joel for having the great idea of actually putting it online so that people can access it. And I have to thank him for actually executing that idea too. Anyway, here it is for your enjoyment. If you'd like, there's also a link, and you can watch it there too. It's a bit rough around the edges. And at the top and bottom. And pretty much throughout. But it's also a fun little flick. I hope you enjoy it! (Heck, I'll be happy if you just pretend to watch it).

*I've got nothing about 8-year-olds here, but I will say that even though the premise was mine, in the execution I got a ton of help from everyone listed in the credits, and more. Thanks again to all those folks.

I never made love by lantern shine
I never saw rainbows in my wine


empeterson said...

What IS your deal with 8-year olds?

Jeff said...

Stardust rocks. And I'm gonna miss my usual Spring Break trip to AZ this year... I went out there to see a couple of Spring Training games the last two years... oh yeah, and to visit my fiancee too :)

joel. said...

I'm a movie star!