Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Phickle Thoughts

That's right, I'm going back to the "Phickle Thoughts". "Quick Ficks" was voted down pretty much unanimously. I never really liked "Phickle Thoughts" but everyone else seems to, and if there's one thing this blog is about, it's making everyone else happy.
I've been having a tremendous discussion over on Jacob's blog. If you're at all interested in why Libertarians are wrong, I recommend you check it out.
I'm pretty happy Clinton won Pennsylvania. She's been claiming for some time now that she, unlike Obama, will be able to compete in critical states (such as Pennsylvania and Ohio) come November. And that's a terrific point. Obama might be more exciting and/or inspiring (though personally I'm neither excited or inspired by Obama), but I don't know that he'll be able to win against a Republican. He doesn't excite people who don't already agree with him.

Plus, I just read a piece on Yahoo news that revealed "about one in four Clinton supporters said they would back John McCain in the general election should Obama win, while fewer than one in five of Obama's voters said they support McCain if Clinton should win." I think this highlights that Clinton can pull more centrist voters than Obama. I've been saying this for months now. People should just listen to me... Sheesh.
I'm planning on going to the Nationals game on Wednesday. I'm pretty excited to see the new ballpark. Throw in the fact that Johan Santana is pitching, and it should be a pretty awesome evening. It'll be hard to watch him throw for someone other than the Twins, but, just like with KG, I like the guy too much as an athlete to let the team he's on change my view of him. Plus, he's just so cute.
I'm trying to put together a list of "The Best Songs You've Never Heard". If anyone has a good suggestion for songs they love but they don't think most people know of, I'd love the recommendation.

I hear you whisper & the words melt everyone


Anonymous said...

"Queen of England" by Jerry Corbitt

Thinking Fool said...

A thousand Kisses Deep by Leonard Cohen. You can hear the song (and see some idiotic person's video accompanying it) here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0YkMMERCjQ

Mike said...

I'll start with my Houston roots and leave it at that for now: "Bent Before Angel" by Deep Ella; "Backdoor Salesman", "Sam", and "Loud and Proud" by iSOLA; "Without Love", "Stalker", and "Always Tomorrow" by Endochine; "Dancehall", "Spilling the Blood of the Hipsters", and "Bad Words and Warnings" by Five Dollar Friend.

But needless to say, songs I love may not be likely to be loved by a vast number of people.

Emily R Powell said...

"Live it Out" by Metric; "The Freest Man" by Tilly and the Wall; "World Spins Madly On" by the Weepies; "Far Away" by Ingrid Michaelson; "Inner Glow" by Blue October; "All God's Critters" [or anything] by John McCutcheon; "Hang on Little Tomato" by Pink Martini; "I Can't Decide" by Scissor Sisters; "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb" by Spoon; "London Still" by the Waifs

Ben said...

You want obscure? Oh, I've got obscure!

"Legion" by Gone Again, "Lullaby" and "Still Life" by the J. Tomas Band, "You Cannot Quit Smoking", "The Last Election", and "The Flag Is Waiving You" by Nathan Asher & the Infantry, "Far From Here", "Northshore" and "134 (Maybe in Heaven)" by SpencerAcuff, "She's Lying" by The Robert Barnes Band.

And, finally, to add to the Texas love fest, "Overweight" and "Balance Beam" by Blue October.

Most of these songs you'll never find anywhere. But ask me at my last name DOT Ben AT gmail DOT com and I can e-mail them to you.

Aaron said...

Let's see great songs no one's heard of... volume I would include, and Mike thanks for the Houston starters,:
Caroline's Spine "Wallflower" "Nothing to Prove", and "Overlooked"
iSOLA "Vampire Honeymoon Evening"
Deep Ella -- "Afterall" and "Home"
Alpha Rev "Star of Wonder"
Revelation Theory-- "Selfish and Cold"
Faktion -- "Distance"
Southfm -- "Blue and Grey"
Megan McCauley -- "Porcelain Doll"

Thanks for opening the can of worms.

-- Aaron

Mike said...

Not to be outdone, says Mike.

Speaking of Spoon, I gotta throw in "Black Like Me" (a strong candidate for song of 2007).

Speaking of Blue October, "Two AM Lovesick", "The 21st", and "Darkest Side of Houston's Finest Day".

Speaking of Gone Again, "Standing Here Alone" and "Half-Cocked".

Speaking of Nathan Asher & the Infantry, "Into the Fourth World".

Speaking of Caroline's Spine, "End Up With You" (and if you can find this song anywhere, you're a better man/woman than I).

And speaking of SouthFM, "Habit" and "Surface (Wake Up)".

I'm not sure Mr. Novak was entirely clear just how large the can of worms he was opening truly was.

Keep 'em coming, I could probably go on forever.

Matthew B. Novak said...

First off, Mike, that's not even the best song on Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. "Underdog" easily takes that honor. And I think there can't be much dispute that "Rehab" was 2007's song.

I'm impressed at how few of these songs I've heard of. I have a quite ecclectic and, if I might say so, well-versed appreciation for music. Finding songs I don't know is easy, but finding excellent songs I don't know can be pretty challenging. I take it these are all excellent songs, right?

Eric Michael Peterson said...

This is a bit late; but that piece about Hilary supporters is neither new nor entirely true. There is speculation that it is just a PR move at the moment since all the data leading up to this point has pointed the other way.

Matthew B. Novak said...

I don't know where you're hearing that speculation... probably because you're surrounded by Obama lovers on a college campus, but more and more the stats are showing it to be true. Particularly in light of the latest polls which shows Clinton beating McCain solidly, and Obama in a virtual tie with him.

Mike said...

I'll have to respectfully disagree on Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. I also prefer "Cherry Bomb", "Don't You Evah", and "Don't Make Me a Target" to "The Underdog", though it's also a great song.

What is "Rehab"? Songs I haven't heard can't qualify as song of 2007. Incidentally, I would probably give that title to either "Crumble" by Dinosaur Jr. or "Mistaken for Strangers" by the National.

And I might add, you said "songs you love", not "excellent songs", and as our little Spoon discussion indicates, that's incredibly subjective.