Friday, June 27, 2008

Bad Trade

I really liked that the Timberwolves had Marko Jaric on their team, because he's romantically linked with Victoria's Secret supermodel Adriana Lima (my favorite). That gave her a connection to Minnesota, which I always thought was cool.

But now that Jaric has been traded to Memphis I guess I'll just have to ogle from afarther.

Triple points if you get the song quote and why it's relevant.

Asked her what she like the most
She said she liked to talk to Jimmy's ghost

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Quinn said...

No luck on the song quote, but thoughts about the trade...Jaric was going to cost the Wolves way too much money and OJ Mayo's a bad fit for that squad...heck, in my opinion, he's a bad fit anywhere, but that's personal. K-Love is going to be a nice compliment to Jefferson and Foye, and I think the Wolves are forming a fantastic base. In a few years...