Tuesday, June 17, 2008


One of my favorite parts of my job is the interns. We almost always have at least one intern, and over the summer we get several.

Whenever we've got more than one, I like to play a little game. I walk into the intern room, throw out a random debate topic, and pit them against each other by arbitrarily assigning sides.

"Gay marriage! Intern 1 for it, Intern 2 agin' it. Go!"
"The best Muppet 'sidekick': Intern 1, Fozzie, Intern 2, Gonzo. Go!"
"Popcorn. Intern 1, popped kernels, Intern 2, unpopped kernels. Go!"

It so warms my heart to listen to them debate each other for my affection.

Every girl that I've seen since
Looks just like you when I squint

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Mike said...

That's funny. The interns were one of Bill Clinton's favorite parts of the job too.

Sorry, it had to be said.

Incidentally, Gonzo, hands down.