Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Phickle Thoughts

It's been a while, I know. I'll try to step up the frequency of my posts. Things have been crazy busy lately, with guests visiting, two trips back to Minnesota and one to NY, and a Virginia Supreme Court appeal all in the last month. Plus, as I write this, I'm in Richmond for a week of training. Plus Mario Kart Wii, which, I confess, is taking up a good chunk of my time. But in all fairness, it's a very good chunk.
Speaking of Kart, if any reader has it, shoot me an e-mail with your friend codes and we can hook up and play online.
So this trip to New York. Wow. The wedding we went to was amazing. The Greek Orthodox ceremony was fascinating. I spent some time in Greek Orthodox churches when I was living in Greece, so I was somewhat familiar with the style, but the wedding was still an awesome cultural experience.

After the wedding we hung out at a law school friend's parent's place. I just kept telling myself that the inside of their house must not have been nice, because that made me feel better about how amazingly sick the outside was. Wow. Gorgeous place, and wonderfully generous folks to welcome us over.

Then there was the reception. Again, completely sick. There were like 8 or 9 stations covered in amazing food, with an oyster bar, a shrimp bar, a pasta bar, a tremendous selection of meats (oh, the lamb! Melted in my mouth like I've never had! Ugh.) and veggies and cheeses and I don't even know what else. Throw in the servers walking around with trays of other foods and you can begin to imagine just how awesome this wedding was. We didn't even get to stay around for the dinner (yes! Dinner immediately following the massive, meal-like reception!) because we had to drive back down to D.C., but it was a terrific experience. Congrats to the couple, and thanks to them for their generosity!
So driving to and from New York, I discovered that what I've been saying as a joke all these years is really much less of a joke than I thought.

New Jersey stinks.
So I guess Obama is officially the guy now. Thank God that's over. Let's hope he and McCain each run a civil campaign and limit their spending and all of that stuff. I guess it'll be interesting to watch, and I'm sure I'll have more thoughts on it in the future.
Does anyone out there know what exactly is being sampled in the song "Multi-Family Garage Sale" by Land of the Loops? I cannot for the life of me figure it out.
As I mentioned, I'm at a training this week. The focus is on foreclosure prevention/mitigation/rescue scams, etc. Obviously this is a pretty pressing issue, and because mortgages are such a complex issue, there aren't that many people who really understand what's going on in these foreclosure cases. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll be one of them. It's shocking how terribly consumers are being victimized in this market. The people who sell the loans ultimately bear little or no risk, which means that we've pretty much got a market failure; there is no incentive for mortgage sellers to avoid making risky loans because they don't ever have to bear the risk. And this just leads to all sorts of other abusive selling tactics, like reverse red-lining. I'm developing some pretty strong feelings on the issue, and if anyone has any questions, I'm happy to do my best to tackle them.
Nevermind. In looking up the exact lyrics, I found out that the "Multi-Family Garage Sale" samples come from Land of the Lost.

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brendan said...

just so you are warned, I dont think my wedding reception will top that....though the food we sampled for was pretty darn tasty...i think that has been my favorite part of wedding preparations.