Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden Time

Get it? Because it's like "Biding time..." Nevermind.

So the reports are that Biden is Obama's pick for Vice President. I'm pretty pleased, especially considering that Biden was the guy I wanted the Democrats to run for President. I think he's one of the smartest people involved in national politics today, and I think he will certainly challenge Obama at times.

I certainly don't always agree with Biden, but I think he's got his finger on the pulse of the blue collar American in a way that Obama does not, and in that way he contributes a lot to the ticket. He's also been one of the most consistent and sensible voices with regard to Iraq and has proposed specific plans for our involvement overseas in a way that Obama has not (and probably can not). That's huge.

I have to admit though, I was kind of hoping for Tim Kaine. I've seen his policies first hand here in Virginia. Legal Services encourages us to be active in helping push through certain bills, and so I've tracked several. Watching what Kaine says and does, I became very comfortable with the man as a political leader. He's certainly trying to keep an eye out for the poor, which can be exceedingly difficult in Virginia. It also didn't hurt that Kaine is a little more pro-life than most Democrats (though he doesn't support overturning Roe). I'm hopeful that Kaine will stay on the national radar, and run against McCain in 4 years. Because while Biden helps, I don't think he necessarily makes a winning ticket.

Of course, I might change my mind on that. I can be a little fickle about these things...

I'll follow you down, but not that far


Mike said...

I got it. I too really liked Biden's potential as the Democratic nominee, and I think he brings a lot to the table as Veep. It doesn't hurt that I've been predicting him as the choice for about two months, and I like being right (except when I hate being right). Having Biden on the ticket doesn't make up my mind who I'm voting for, but it certainly may influence it.

patric said...

the best part? we could now have Joe 'Bama Jokes.

you know, like Jo'bama so liberal, he taxes yo taxes!

these things write themselves.