Thursday, August 14, 2008

Phickle Thoughts: Olympics Edition

I've been watching a ton of Olympics. It's even more fun than I remembered.
Except the gymnastics. That's been significantly less fun than I remembered. The gymnastics announcers have been unhelpful, annoyingly repetitive, and painfully judgmental. NBC needs to do a better job of hiring their announcers.

Except for Costas. The man is just so darn good at his job.
Sticking with gymnastics, I think it's too bad that there was the whole age issue with the female Chinese gymnasts. They were clearly the superior team, but that really cast their win in a bad light. And some of the scoring seemed to favor them a little suspiciously, and work against the other teams, but that's nothing new in these sports. It still wasn't as bad as the French judge who denied the Canadian ice skaters their deserved gold back in 2002.

Remember that?
Ah, the French. The swimming victory in the men's relay over the French was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. And it was made all the sweeter because we beat the French. Suck it Frenchies.
NBC needs to find some other stories besides Phelps. I like the kid, he's amazing, but we've seen a story about him every single night. It's overkill.
Once again, in your face, France!
There's been a ton of great music in the commercials that NBC has been showing during the Olympics. It's been very exciting for me because it used to be that I would hear a great song on a commercial and then go download it. This time, I've already got most of the songs that I'm hearing on the ads. It feels pretty good to be ahead of the curve.
I like seeing all of the different sports. I watched water polo. That has to be the single most exhausting activity ever invented.
I think the US is still up in the medal count, and I hope we hang onto that. It's easy to tap into your national pride when you're competing against other nations, but with the Olympics in China, and the big push from the Chinese, it's been even easier. There are certainly things to respect about China, but there are also some very concerning practices. And their willingness to bend the rules - with the age of their gymnast, having cuter children lip-sync and hiding the talented unattractive ones, faking fireworks with CGI - is frustrating. It makes me wonder how the average Chinese citizen sees these issues. Are they glad their country bends the rules to get their ideal results, or are disappointed in the methods?
One thing you can say about China though? At least they're not France!

To you I was an experiment
Let's try and make the bad boy better
Let's see if he can eat organically
Or maybe wear a J. Crew sweater


Gina said...

All you'd have to do is look at those Chinese girls dentally to figure out that they are not 16 years old...

Ben said...

Certainly America's never been guilty of having pretty people lip-sync. Perish the thought!

Nevertheless, allow me to say the following: "USA! USA! USA!"

Pretty people, lip-sync it with me: "USA! USA! USA!"

patric said...

the whole thing with lip-syncing?

i blame it on the rain. yeah. yeah.

empeterson said...

Ooh, I know the song! yay! It's the Hopefuls, and it's called Whisper. Go me! I used to have the cd and now I don't, so if you want to burn me a copy or something...?