Friday, August 01, 2008


So I was watching the documentary Helvetica a few days ago, and one of the people interviewed for the film rhetorically asked the beautiful question, "why is bad taste ubiquitous."

So I put it to you. Why is bad taste ubiquitous?

Who's gonna throw the very first stone?
Oh! who's gonna reset the bone?


patric said...

i don't know the real answer, but i suspect that learning the answer will also be connected to the fact that people vote for their leaders based on who they'd like to go drinking with, not who is smarter than them.

Ben said...

Bad taste is ubiquitous because nobody likes each other's tastes and therefore judges them to be bad.

As far as Patric's comment, I paraphrase (or possibly quote) Jon Stewart: I don't want a leader who's like me. I want a leader who's embarassingly superior to me.