Monday, September 22, 2008

Crown Me

So I managed to break a tooth today. One of my molars. Bottom left side, second from the back. Gina, what number is that?

I managed to break it eating nothing more than a salad. It was just lettuce. Oh sure, there was a little bit of (really soft, tender) chicken and ham, some green onions and some cheese, but nothing hard enough to crack my tooth. I'm sure the damage must have been done earlier, but still, the final blow came while eating lettuce.

My teeth are in rough shape, even though I take care of them pretty well now. There was a time when I wasn't great to my teeth, and I think there might be some genetic weakness too, but whatever the case, I'm paying the price now. It really stinks.

I'm sure this will become a crown. I'm missing like about one sixth of my tooth (and it's a big tooth). Probably a root canal too I suppose. What is left of the tooth is really jagged, and I keep cutting my tongue on the sharp edge. Plus, this tooth has one of those old metal fillings and that's still there, only now part of it is basically just hovering over open former-tooth space. And that keeps cutting my tongue too. Ugh.

This all comes with an "of course" moment too, since I was already planning to call the dentist today to schedule an appointment. I guess we know which tooth will be getting most of the attention this time around.

I just need to make it to Wednesday. And then I'll get like three more appointments scheduled.

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Gina said...

And a root canal is not a guarantee. If you are symptom free (no pain to cold, or at least not lingering pain to cold and no pain when they tap on it)then you won't need one and they can just crown it, which is probably the best treatment option considering you have an amalgam in there too.